The Undertaker Vs Mark Henry – Smackdown April 7th 2006

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

A WrestleMania rematch here (so sad that this match happened at WrestleMania lol). Henry cuts a promo about how he passed out and almost passed on when he got stuffed in the casket at WM. When they opened the casket, he had a vision and saw The Undertaker’s future, and how it would never be the same.

Undertaker begins the match with his massive rights and lefts, but the massive Henry puts a stop to those with one huge clothesline. They keep going back and forth, with Undertaker using his punches and experience to take down Henry, and Henry using his power to counter ‘Taker as often as possible.

The match ends up on the outside, and Henry is getting his arse handed to him. Before he can try to finish the match, The Great Khali makes his debut by walking down to the ring, having a stare down with ‘Taker, then destroying the Dead Man in typical early 90’s fashion lol.

This match was actually starting to look good, but they only got around 4 minutes to work with before The Great Khali shows up and ruins everything, much like he would do in every match he is involved in lol.

Rating: *

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