Kurt Angle Vs Randy Orton – King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Smackdown April 14th 2006

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

This might just seem like random pairing for the KOTR tournament, and it is, but Angle has vowed to take out his frustrations from losing the WHC at WM out on Orton. With Angle being a fucking lunatic, I would not want to be Orton :P.

Orton knows this, so he tries to stay away from Angle by backing into the corner a couple of times and getting the ref to keep Angle away… but he quickly walks into a clothesline and a belly to belly. We are about a minute into the match, and out comes the Ankle Lock! Actually makes sense to be done this early, so well done Angle! 🙂

Of course, Angle’s intensity and aggression from the get go ends up being his downfall, as he ends up shoulder first into the ring post, and this can begin a control segment from Orton who works over the now injured arm.

Angle is still just a pissed off motherfucker though, and he finds an opening for another Ankle Lock, but a kick to the injured shoulder breaks the hold and Orton is back on top. I’m guessing Orton called this match lol, because he is grounding Angle’s lunatic offence, and creating openings for him to land a move or two before being grounded again instead of them going balls to the walls with moves like Angle would probably do all the time if he could (which he pretty much does in TNA these days lol, aside from the odd match with the right opponent).

Holy crap, did Angle just SELL the injured arm when he hit a European Uppercut? He did! Bloody hell!

Angle’s big hope spot is nice, as he reverses a suplex attempt on the apron, and sends Orton to the floor. Angle continues to sell the arm, and really well too… until Orton gets back in the ring and out come the Germans ( lmao at that lol)! Orton counters the Angle Slam and nearly gets the 3 count in a really nice cut off spot, and then Angle counters the RKO really nicely into an Ankle Lock. Angle quickly drops to the mat and grapevines the leg, no doubt to make up for his injured arm (more selling!), and Orton taps! It ain’t over though, as Orton ends up getting another Ankle Lock, and SNAP! There goes his Ankle, aka SUSPENSION!!!

Wow, this was a GREAT 10 minute match. Angle sold his arm really well, and Orton controlled Angle and his offence incredibly well. Everything just seemed to click, and the only thing really done wrong was Angle hitting 3 German Suplexes in a row with the injured arm, but he did sell it again after those, so all is forgiven. One of the better “make Angle look less like a retard” matches I have seen.

Rating: ***3/4

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