Royal Rumble 2013 – PREDICTIONS AND STUFF!

Posted on: January 27th, 2013 by Big Cal

Decided against a video for this, since my voice isn’t back to normal just yet (watched  back WWR footage and decided to not record anything else lol).


As everyone should know by now, I LOVE THE ROYAL RUMBLE. I look forward to it every year more than even WM. So, let’s take a look at the card and I’ll make my predictions!


WWE Title Match – CM Punk Vs The Rock

The feud hasn’t been anything spectacular (when you have one half of it making lame kiddie jokes, throwing out terrible catchphrases, and focusing too much on people like Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman, you really aren’t going to get something truly special), but Punk has killed it with his promos, making it easily 19878237636525247934.9876625 times better than Rock/Cena feud which had an entire year to be good. Punk is the fighting champion, holding on to the title for over 400 days, not even missing shows when he was injured and on crutches. Then The Rock shows up from Hollywood, randomly gets a title shot, then shits over a bunch of people who haven’t really done anything to him. Yet somehow PUNK is the heel and ROCK is the babyface. LOL. I’m rooting for Punk 100%. He is CLEARLY imo the babyface of this situation despite WWE making him run down the fans. Plus Punk is actually good, so yeah, I’m always gonna root for the BEST guy involved. Besides, would Rock as champion even work? Show up 2 or 3 times between now and WM? Because if I recall he has one of his terrible movies coming out around WM time and will be spending more of his time promoting THAT rather than promoting wrestling and WrestleMania. Not something you want in your CHAMPION. Besides, despite the fact I personally see no redeeming qualities in the guy, he IS a draw, and he WILL help draw for WM with out without the title. So why not let him help draw with a big match… AND have a WWE title match separate. Surly that would be better right?

So the match itself… well on paper it already looks to absolutely SHATTER the god awful stuff Rock has done since returning (the SS tag match and WM 28). Punk, while not truly being the “best in the world” is still REALLY FUCKING GOOD and if anyone can get a good match out of Rock, well he won’t top the list but he’s there no doubt. That being said, I’m going into this whole thing with very low expectations. That was (hopefully) I can’t be disappointed. If they put on a good match I’ll be happy. If they have a classic, I’ll be fucking ecstatic. If they suck, I’ll have kinda expected it.

Winner – Seems everyone is kinda settled on Rock winning. Not me. I said above why I didn’t think it would be a great idea, and honestly I just have that FEELING that Punk is leaving with the belt still. CM Punk is my pick!


World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing Match – Alberto Del Rio Vs The Big Show

Sheamus had a great run as champion. Then he ran into Big Show. A great series of hard hitting matches, with Show gaining the WHC. Show looked good. Was having good matches. Then randomly Del Rio wins a LMS match on an episode of SMACKDOWN and is being pushed as the greatest thing to come out of Mexcio. Sorry, but Corona still holds that title. Oh and somehow Del Rio is now a face. This whole situation just sucks. Show was doing great, Del Rio was doing shitty… but WWE wanted a new Mexican star because Sin Cara is terrible and Rey is likely retiring very soon. Instead of building up to it, then threw the belt on Del Rio and basically screamed “HEY LOOK NEW MEXICAN HERO HE’S AWESOME EVERYONE CHEER FOR HIM” in our faces.

Most people seemed to really like their LMS match on SD… but I just wasn’t feeling it. And they are going from a LMS match… to a LMS match. Wow. Ok. CREATIVE. Being on PPV will hopefully help improve the quality of the match, but I’m still not expecting that much. Hope I’m surprised though.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio. As much as I’d love for Show to win back the title and dominate until WM, they aren’t going to randomly take the belt from Del Rio after this MEGAMEXICAN push he’s getting right now. Which is a shame.


Tag Team Title Match – Team Hell No Vs Rhodes Scholars

Not really much of a feud here. One or two promos between the teams spread over what seems like a lifetime. They’ve wrestled each other on and off for months now. On PPV too as well I think?

Match has potential to be good given a decent amount of time. Rhodes Scholars can work over Bryan, Bryan gets a hot tag, nice finishing stretch, sorted. Basic STF (Southern Tag Formula) is all this needs to be. Bryan can make anything work.

Winners – I’m gonna say we will have NEW tag team champions. So Rhodes Scholars for the win. Team Hell No have had them for ages now, and I think it’s time they split. Not some big huge grudge match between them, but lose the belts and just kinda part ways, allowing Bryan to get back to awesome singles action, and Kane to float around doing what he does lol.


The match I can’t wait to see! Who is gonna enter? Any surprises? When they gonna enter? Who will eliminate who? WHO IS GOING TO WIN? All these questions help make it my most anticipated match every single year. Even when the winner is obvious, the rest of the match is unpredictable so it makes up for that. Not really much else to say!

Winner – As much as I don’t want it to happen, I’m thinking Cena is winning. Hopefully Dolph at least lasts until the end (since he’s either #1 or #2, not that it makes any difference except WWE will promote winning from the #1 position like its the greatest achievement ever and not really mention the #2 winners much), and hopefully we get some surprises entrances, even just one time only deals.

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