Jake Roberts Vs Brett Sawyer – Georgia 03/09/1983

Posted on: October 23rd, 2010 by Big Cal

Jake Roberts Vs Brett Sawyer – Georgia 03/09/1983

So… its it Brett Sawyer or Brett Wayne? Announcer says Wayne, listings say Sawyer :p.

Anyways, this Jake really does look like the Jake that everyone will remember. He doesn’t look like the skinny kid with a moustache any more, he looks like Jake The Snake Roberts.

Its not just his appearance either, its how he moves around the ring, and the little things he does before the match starts. The referee explains the rules, and asks if anyone has a question, and shows the belt (not sure which belt it is), to which Jake responds with “No, I don’t have any questions, and I see the belt”. Ok, I guess that doesn’t sound like anything remotely interesting lol, but when Jake says it, its… good :p.

Wayne controls early on, while Jake is constantly doing something to turn the tables in his favour. Things like attacking the knee of Wayne as he is in a headlock, forcing Wayne to take the hold to the mat where Jake reverses it into a pinfall. The leg looks to become a target of Jake, as its taped up. Loved how Jake took Wayne down and had hold of the leg, and when Wayne would try and kick Jake off, Jake kept hold of the bad leg and dodged the kick a couple of times before finally taking the shot. I’ve seen that spot a million times and I don’t think I have seen anyone do what Jake did with it.

Wayne continues to try and keep Roberts away from him and the knee by using a headlock, but Jake continues to be fucking awesome as he keeps turning any offence from Wayne into something that benefits him. I know Andy keeps going on about Arn and all the little things he does being amazingly awesome, and I’m right there with him, but based on what I have already seen from Jake, and just this match alone, I have a sneaky feeling that I’ll be placing Jake right up there with Arn.

I find it odd that Wayne keeps using the headlock no matter how many times Jake counters it, I guess he feels its the best move to use to keep Jake away from the knee… except it doesn’t :p. Makes him look a tad retarded tbh lol.

Jake finally gets full control of the match, and while he doesn’t do anything spectacular (like, at all), everything looks vicious and painfull.

Ok, screw the whole “nothing spectacular” shit. Loved the move he did, kinda like Mark Henry’s slam, only he didn’t lift Wayne up anywhere near that high, but when he dropped him down he slammed his knee onto the midsection that looked fucking awesome. This leads to plenty of nice midsection work from Jake rather than leg work, which I can only assume is because Jake didn’t have much luck going after the leg in the beginning of the match. It helped him escape some holds a few times, but was never the big turning point for Jake.

Wayne gets a good hope spot in, but is quickly cut down. Paul Ellering, Jake’s manager, takes a shot at Wayne in the corner, causing Buzz Sawyer to take out Ellering, and then go after Jake who won’t stop punching the fuck out of Wayne’s face :p.

Aside from the crappy ending (NO FINISH~!), I fucking loved this match. Its not anything I would call great, but its so much fun to watch, and everything Jake does is awesome. Give this an actual finish and it might be great, but as it stands, it “just” good.

Rating: ***

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