WrestleMania 4

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 by Big Cal

WM 4


The WWF title was vacated after controversy surrounding the Andre/Hogan rematch. So a tournament was announced for WM. Yey. A tournament. On PPV. Tournaments are fine, but BIG ones like this just don’t work on a PPV. Too many matches, and no time for them to be that good.

Match 1 – 20 Man Battle Royal – With 14 guys competing in the tournament, that means they need a LOT of time to go towards those matches. So to fit everyone else on the card… MULTIMAN MATCHES! Oh great, Paul Roma is in this one. Match is gonna suck. LMAO at Bret in the first moments. Everyone charges at someone once the bell rings… but Bret is all alone just shrugging his shoulders and wondering why nobody wants to play with him. George Steel just stands on the outside punching people’s legs. LOL. He even eliminates Jim Neidhart! No idea if he was ever really in the match or if he got eliminated straight away and stuck around. I don’t even remember him getting in the ring and being eliminated, but he disappears at some point. Bad News Brown and Bret Hart try to double team JYD during the final 3. Cool to see those 2 teaming up just because of their history in Stampede Wrestling. Wow, then the heels actually manage to eliminate JYD. Huh, thought this was gonna be a basic “babyface fights against the odds, manages to eliminate at least one bad guy” deal, but nope. Comes down to Bret and Brown. Brown wins. Match was mostly nothing. Some entertaining moments, but exactly that; moments. They lasted for a couple of seconds and that was it. Brown wins a giant trophy. Bret breaks it. Works at least because he’s a heel too so it’s not like some jerk babyface doing it, which is something that would normally happen. 1/2*.

Match 2 – Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs Ted DiBiase – Oh shit, MID-SOUTH time. Let me guess, it gets less than 5 minutes? Biggest Atomic Drop I think I’ve ever seen. Looked more like he was doing for a back suplex lol. DiBiase sells it nicely by flying over the top rope.  Interesting to see TED turn this into a brawl first, punching the fuck out of Hacksaw for knocking him out of the ring, but of course Duggan is the better brawler and he soon comes back with big rights of his own. Lol, this gets under 5 minutes… by about 5 seconds. But they did a nice job with the time they god. I liked it. Andre gets involved in the finish and DiBiase advances! *.

Match 3 – Dino Bravo Vs Don Muraco – Another tournament match. 2 big built guys hitting each other with power moves. It’s ok. Nothing more. Ends in DQ when Dino pulls the referee in front of him and Muraco takes him out. 1/4*.

Match 4 – Ricky Steamboat Vs Greg Valentine – Steamboat comes out with his wife and kid. Dedicates the match and the entire tournament to his son. He loses this first round match. LOL. Winner of this faces the winner of the next match… which involves Savage. They missed out on a potential WM 3 rematch between them. Steamboat is the EXCELLENCE OF EXECUTION. Bret stole his gimmick from Ricky!!! Valentine looks great on offence here, with his “rough and tough” style. Nice stuff clotheslines, elbows to the face, and big slams. Steamboat taking punishment is of course what he can do best, so yeah, this all looks great. Plus it gets just under 10 minutes, double the time of anything else on the show so far. So at least they are giving some decent time to a match that had potential to deliver, and given the time (just under 10 minutes isn’t that long really, but compared to everything else it is), they absolutely delivered. Could be the MOTN, but there are 2 other matches I’m interested in seeing. **3/4.

Match 5 – Randy Savage Vs Butch Reed – Boy was this disappointing. Reed dominates… then Savage knocks him off the ropes, hits the elbow and its over just like that lol. DUD.

Match 6 – Bam Bam Bigelow Vs One Man Gang – Oh shit, BAM BAM. Shame he’s stuck with another big guy… who isn’t nearly as good or athletic as he is. Should have had Bam Bam face a small guy… though Bam Bam is babyface so I guess they needed to put him with someone bigger than him to try and gain sympathy. LMFAO WORST SPLASH EVER from Bam Bam. He LOOKS like he’s jumping… but doesn’t leave his feet at all. Just falls with style onto OMG lol. Things are looking good for Bigelow… until Slick pulls down the ropes and Bam Bam takes one hell of a backwards tumble to the outside! He ends up getting counted out. Bah. Fun stuff for 2 big guys going full force for a couple of minutes. *.

Hulk cuts a promo… and… uhhh… something about swimming? He HAD to have been on something lol.

Match 7 – Rick Rude Vs Jake Roberts – Yes! This should be fucking great. And guess what? It is! 15 minute time limit draw, longest match on the card and rightfully so. They have great chemistry together. Roberts is just awesome, a highly underrated wrestler imo. He’s always more known for being a great psychologist in the ring (and he IS one of the very best), but at the same time he’s a damn good wrestler and a great bumper too. Rude works the next to set up to his Rude Awakening neck breaker, and it’s nice to see someone work holds like a reverse chin lock rather than just sitting there. Plus Roberts isn’t just sat there in the hold either, he’s always struggling to escape and shit. It’s the little things. Some people won’t like this because of how slow it is, and that’s fine, but it has plenty of those little things throughout that keep me interested in the basic of holds. Shame both guys are out of the tournament, while guys like One Man Gang and Don Muraco are still in it. ***1/4.

Match 8 – The Ultimate Warrior Vs Hercules – NO.

Match 9 – Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant – I watched it at WM 3 because of the significance. This time is ain’t got shit going for it, so fuck it, I ain’t watching it. NO.

Match 10 – Ted DiBiase Vs Don Muraco – The Rock jumps DiBiase before he can even get in the ring and dominates the early going. DiBiase escapes to the outside to get a break, but ends up rolling back in when Billy Graham (manager for The Rock) threatens him with his stick! Sweet transition spot for DiBiase to get in control. DiBiase then wins, moving into the finals. Nothing much to this one really. 1/4*.

Match 11 – Randy Savage Vs Greg Valentine – Good match here. Valentine is nice and STIFF on offence, just beating down Savage throughout the match. Savage makes some nice comebacks, Valentine cuts him off nicely, then Savage picks up a quick win with a rollup. He still needs to face the One Man Gang in order to get to the finals to face DiBiase who received a bye due to Hogan/Andre ending in… double countout? DQ? Both guys lost anyway. Fuck that shitty match. This was good. **3/4

Match 12 – The Honky Tonk Man Vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake – Urgh. IC title on the line. Brutus is awesome. HTM isn’t great either. I’m skipping this one. NO.

Match 13 – The British Bulldogs & Koko B Ware Vs The Islanders & Bobby Heenan – Similar situation to last year with the babyfaces wanting to get some of Bobby, but Bobby makes sure to only get in when his team is in control, then gets out before anything can happen to him. Heenan gets the win too, just like last year with Danny Davis getting the win lol. Aside from that, this is a huge nothing match. DUD.

Huh, they do a bit where Finkle gives a big introduction to Jesse Ventura, who gets a huge pop and poses to the crowd and shit. Thought he was a heel? Oh, he’s back after doing Predator I think? This is followed up by DiBiase coming out just to be announced the winner of a match that doesn’t exist because he got a bye. Nice heelish thing to do.

Match 14 – One Man Gang Vs Randy Savage – DiBiase faces the winner of this due to receiving that bye. OMG got to rest up too after also receiving a bye. Savage has had to wrestle twice already. The odds are really stacked against the Macho Man. Can he do it? SPOILER: Duh, of course. It’s no Rey Vs Henry. Was looking good though… until they went with a shitty DQ finish. Savage moves to the finals. *.

Match 15 – Demolition Vs Strike Force – HERE COMES THE AX, AND HERE COMES THE SMASHER. Tag titles on the line. As the power team, Demolition beat down their smaller opponents and… well nothing is really interesting. They win the tag belts. Yawn. Expected a lot more from this tbh. DUD.

Match 16 – Ted DiBiase Vs Randy Savage – Finals of the WWF Title tournament! DiBiase was originally supposed to win, but Savage had some shit in his contract that promised him a title run, and it was going to be the IC title until HTM bitched and moaned and refused to drop the belt to him, so Vince (instead of forcing HIS EMPLOYEE to drop the belt) decided to give him the WWF Title. This left DiBiase without a title so they “made up” for it by giving him the Million Dollar Championship. Andre is out with DiBiase and in the opening moments of the match makes his presence felt by grabbing Savage’s leg, showing the world that this is going to be get another uphill struggle for the Macho Man. Well, this was disappointing, especially being the final of the tournament. Doesn’t get much time still (only just over 10 minutes?), and the ring stuff, and even the guys in the ring are an afterthought. It’s all about Andre on the outside, then Liz fetching Hogan to even the odds. Then Hogan hits DiBiase with a chair and Savage picks up the win. Then Hogan celebrates with Savage. Poor guy, wins the title in the main event of WM and is STILL overshadowed by Hogan. *.

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