WrestleMania 11

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by Big Cal

WM 11


Considered to be the worst WM ever… yet one that holds a special place for me as it was the first WM I ever saw and can still remember watching it back in the day.

Match 1 – Lex Luger & The British Bulldog Vs The Blu Brothers – Oh hey, Zeb Coulter. Kinda. Harris Brothers with hair. LOL. I ain’t watching this shite. NO.

Match 2 – Jeff Jarrett Vs Razor Ramon – IC title on the line, and a rematch from the RR where JJ won the belt by playing up on the fact Razor is a fighting champion and didn’t want to lose via countout despite a knee injury. Razor has awesome punches. Jarrett keeps trying to get some kind of offence in, but Razor keeps countering with punches to the face. Jarrett for some reason doesn’t like being punched in the face, so he tries to leave but 123-Kid threatens him. Road Dogg was pretty great as The Roadie. He takes a great bump when Razor slams him head first into the turnbuckle. Jarrett keeps trying to get counted out, but Kid keeps preventing him from doing so. I don’t get it, why doesn’t Jeff just let Kid take a shot at him? He’ll win via DQ and retain the title all at the same time. Jarrett wears down Razor, Razor makes some comebacks using his PUNCHES, Kid tries to help out and gets sent into the guardrail (serves him right tbh), and McMahon thinks every pin attempt is a 3 count. FIGURE FOUR! Can Razor survive? Yes he can! Only to have his knee clipped by The Roadie during a Razor’s Edge attempt. Razor wins via DQ, Jarrett retains the title. Good match, not as good as the RR but still good. And this event is gonna need all the good matches it can get… ***.

Match 3 – The Undertaker Vs King Kong Bundy – Yet another “monster” for The Undertaker to slay at WrestleMania. Bundy might not be anything special in the ring, but he was a huge step up from Giant Gonzalez, and the storyline going into the match was better too. A little background on this one is probably needed, so here goes. As we all know, The Undertaker made his debut as part of the Million Dollar Man’s Survivor Series team in 1990. DiBiase was responsible for bringing The Undertaker in, and that was a key point to this whole feud. As you may have noticed, there is a gap between WrestleMania 9 and WrestleMania 11 for these reviews. The reason being is that Yokozuna and a number of other wrestlers tried to take The Undertaker out at the 1994 Royal Rumble. They were successful at putting him on the shelf for a while, which is why he missed WrestleMania 10. Not long after WrestleMania 10, Ted DiBiase claimed that The Undertaker was back, and had realigned himself with the Million Dollar Man, and his Million Dollar Corporation. A “fake” Undertaker was revealed, so Paul Bearer felt the need to return and inform everyone that HIS Undertaker was the real one, and would soon return to prove it. At SummerSlam 1994, the real Undertaker did in fact return, and vanquished DiBiase’s fake Undertaker. DiBiase was obviously not pleased, and with the help of his Million Dollar Corporation, vowed to eliminate The Undertaker from the World Wrestling Federation. At the 1995 Royal Rumble, DiBiase had IRS face The Undertaker, but was unsuccessful, so King Kong Bundy took it upon himself to attack The Undertaker after the match, and thus a WrestleMania match between the two was made! Not only that, but DiBiase has also taken control of the Urn! Bundy tries to attack The Undertaker from behind with a running corner splash, but The Undertaker senses him coming, and uses his superior speed to move out of the way! The Undertaker hits “Old School”, and a number of clotheslines, but Bundy remains on his feet! One more clothesline from The Undertaker, and Bundy is DOWN! Bundy, however, is not an ordinary man. He is a veteran and a tough SOB too, which he shows by quickly getting back up and sending The Undertaker over the ropes! The Undertaker lands on his feet, and steals the Urn back from DiBiase! The Undertaker gets back in the ring and looks to be in control, until Kama, another member of the Million Dollar Corporation, comes to ringside and steals the Urn again! With the lack of the Urn at ringside, The Undertaker loses control of the match, and the monstrous Bundy takes pleasure in wearing down the Dead Man. Some big, yet basic blows take The Undertaker down, and a huge sleeper hold looks to be the end of the Phenom. The crowd get The Undertaker back into the match, but Bundy quickly regains control, or at least he thinks he does, by hitting a huge running avalanche (running corner splash)! The power of The Undertaker is still running strong though, even without the Urn, and The Undertaker just shrugs off the devastating move, and slams the 440 pounder to the mat! The leaping lariat puts the final nail in Bundy’s coffin, as The Undertaker clocks up another WrestleMania win! Ok, so there is nothing special whatsoever about this match. It’s all incredibly basic, and the finish is a little weak too. However, the storyline leading into the match (and continuing after the match) was pretty good, and I have a soft spot for the entire WrestleMania XI event too, so I do enjoy this match more than most people probably. Like the Gonzalez match, I always remembered this match being longer than it actually is. The only really slow part is when Bundy has the sleeper hold applied, and that doesn’t last long at all. It’s still not a good match, and probably his second worst WrestleMania match ever, but I can sit through it no problem. 1/2*

Match 4 – The Smoking Gunns Vs Owen Hart & Yokozuna – Tag belts are up for grabs, and Yoko is the mystery partner for Owen! Fuck me Yoko looks huge… more so than before. Solid tag match here, very enjoyable too. Yoko is a great bumper for such a huge guy. His fall through the ropes following a double dropkick was great. Good strategy from the Gunns trying to isolate Owen. They hit a reverse 3-D type move that fuck, really should have ended the match in 1995 lol. Stupid double team move from them too though, when they send Owen into the ropes, then just stop him, turn around and hit a double Russian leg sweep. Why ever bother sending him into the ropes lol? Then an awesome tag move where Bart holds Owen up and Billy hits a reverse Fameasser. That SHOULD have ended the match at least, but Yoko distracts the ref. I’M A KING. YOU ALL LOVE ME. Owen is awesome. Lol, Owen thinks the finish is taking place a little sooner than it is, and tries to pull the ropes down for Bart to go over, but he doesn’t because it isn’t time yet. 30 seconds later, Owen pulls the ropes down again and Bart goes over this time! BONZAI Drop! Owen tags in, looks like he’s gonna apply the Sharpshooter… then realises he doesn’t need to and gets the pin. New tag champs! I like this match quite a bit. I hear they had an even better match at an IYH PPV. I should check it out. **1/2.

Match 5 – Bob Backlund Vs Bret Hart – I Quit match and Roddy Piper is the guest ref for a Bret Hart WM match two years in a row! This one has classic written all over it. Shame it doesn’t live up to the potential. AT ALL. Boooo! Oh hey, it’s Damien Sandow… no wait, Mr Bob Backlund. Piper is annoying as hell shoving the microphone in everyone’s face every 2 seconds. Backlund seems to forget there is a microphone and never really says anything lol. Bret tries but the mic is never close enough for us to hear everything. GERMAN ANNOUNCE TEAM! Backlund keeps escaping the Sharpshooter. Backlund applies the Chicken Wing. Bret counters with his own. Backlund… kinda gives up. This sucked poo. DUD.

Match 6 – Diesel Vs Shawn Michaels – WWF Title is on the line. SID is HBK’s bodyguard. Total Shawn Show early on, with his bumping around and shit. He really wanted his friend’s spot and is willing to outshine him at WM to get it lol. Their chemistry from being such good friends and knowing each other inside and out when it comes to wrestling really shows here. Everything they do looks great, and any mistakes that happen (Shawn not going over the ropes following a running knee) are fixed in an instant with both guys knowing what they should do to cover up the botch. Shame HBK and HHH didn’t have this kind of chemistry lol. Though I think for Shawn, working with a bigger guy works a lot more than someone roughly his size. Diesel looks good too btw, not just Shawn. He goes for a big boot and Shawn moves, so his leg gets caught on the ropes they he gets sent to the outside and bumps nicely on the floor. Here Diesel goes ribs first into the ring post. HUGE “SID” chants too btw LOL. SID stalking Diesel on the floor is awesome. Fans actually WANT Sid to do something. LETS GO SHAWN chants as well. LOL. Why exactly did Diesel hold the title for so long when he was getting out-cheered by the heels all the time? Shawn here, SID in their IYH matches… I think Mabel was probably the only one getting more heat because he flat out sucked. Sleeper hold obviously slows things down, but it was smart of Shawn to do it after Diesel attempts a comeback but his ribs give out on him, so wearing him down and making it hard for him to breathe will surely help HBK win the title. Except it doesn’t of course. Comeback for Diesel, and Shawn shows his arse again at WM. The ref jumps off the apron (off camera lol) to stop Sid from getting involved, and twists his ankle! With the ref down, Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music, covers Diesel for more than 3… but by the time the ref gets in he’s recovered enough to kick out. So at the RR, Diesel retains his title in a no contest. Here at WM… Shawn gets the “phantom pin” on the champ. Not the best way for his reign to start. Good finishing stretch, both guys sell the fatigue from the match… and then Shawn takes the worst powerbomb ever and Diesel retains! Good match, better than I remembered it. I prefer this to their IYH match in 96 tbh. ***1/2.

Match 7 – Bam Bam Bigelow Vs Laurence Taylor – MONGO! No wonder WCW signed him, he was a big WM star! LT looks pretty good, which shows just how good Bam Bam is as he was the one that trained him (not Diesel as the WWF were saying on TV lol). Match is worked pretty much exactly the way it should have. LT uses basic moves like forearm smashes and big shoulder blocks, pretty much keeping him looking like an American Footballer. Bam Bam controls the match, since he’s the heel for one, and the wrestler so this is what you would expect. He keeps his offence simple too, with some submission holds so Taylor can basically rest. MOONSAULT! But to keep LT from kicking out immediately and making the move look like shit, Bam Bam rolls off him and holds his knee. LMFAO at them calling a side suplex a Jackknife. Gotta give it to LT for taking some of these moves too btw. Bigelow hits a nice looking enziguri which if done wrong could have knocked him out lol. Big comeback from Taylor, using big forearm shots and shoulder blocks, then a super shoulder block from the ropes and LT gets the win! LT beat Bam Bam! So yeah, this is actually pretty good. And yet only the second best celeb match at WM! Deserving of the main event spot over the WWF Title? Not in quality, but LT being involved made it a hell of a lot bigger to the outside world, so I’d say it was fine as the main event. **1/4.

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