WrestleMania 23

Posted on: April 2nd, 2013 by Big Cal

WM 23


Match 1 – Jeff Hardy Vs Mr Kennedy Vs Matt Hardy Vs Edge Vs Randy Orton Vs King Booker Vs CM Punk Vs Finlay – Ha, when King Booker comes out, JBL says the HOF has a spot for him. 6 years later and he’s actually going on. Kayfabe title wins mean a lot when it comes to the WWE HOF I guess, because he was damn sure never a good enough wrestler to make it. YEAH I SAID BOOKER T SUCKS. Unlike the first 2 MITB Ladder Matches, we now have 8 guys in it, just so they could fill WM with as many guys as possible. HOLY SHIT FINLAY PULLS OUT THE FIRST HIGH SPOT BY DIVING OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR LANDING ON EVERYONE. Who the fuck would have expected that lol? Usually they have the usual jumpy guys jump around first, leading to someone we wouldn’t expect to jump jump last. You know what I mean. Right? Better do. LMAO at Booker going for a ladder and getting the Hornswoggle stepladder instead. The ladder is short. Like his career should have been because BOOKER T SUCKS. Everyone takes turns at dominating everyone, with Booker going first and he sucks, hitting shitty spinebusters. Then does a spinaroonie to a big pop because he’s a babyface… oh wait no he isn’t. Like how they play up on the history of Edge and Matt, with Matt trying to set up Edge to take the same bump that Joey Mercury did a few months ago that smashed his face up. And then eventually Edge is taken out when Matt convinces his brother to dive onto Edge while he’s on a ladder set up between the ring and the barricade, breaking the ladder and both men. Matt is the smarter brother; gets Jeff to kill himself and Edge, taking them both out of the match, leaving Matt all fine lol. Anywho… yeah… everyone takes a turn at dominating. Spots happen, but aside from the Jeff killing Edge one, nothing stands out because let’s face it, we’ve seen everything else before. Well except for a midget taking a bump from the ladder. Kennedy wins. His bad luck kills his career and his MITB opportunity. LOL. Shame because he was actually really good from mid-06 to mid-07 in between injuries. Afterwards he was just terrible. And went to TNA and got worse. LOL. Just wonder how he would have done had he not got injured again and actually won the WHC. Maybe his career could have been saved. Not a fan of this one really. **1/2.

Match 2 – Kane Vs The Great Khali – Apparently they wanted Hogan Vs Khali to try and recreate WM III match. Instead they got Kane. Kane slams Khali at one point. If I remember correctly anyway. I’m not sitting through this fucking shite. NO.

Match 3 – Chris Benoit Vs MVP – US title time. 2 years in a row Benoit  has walked into WM as US champ… will it be 2 years in a row where he loses it too? SPOILER: No. He retains lol. Now to find out how! Benoit’s last ever WM match before he *disappeared forever and nobody knows why*. They work the mat to start with, where MVP gets to show us what he can do when he isn’t facing someone like Kane who he feuded with early on in his SD career. He had good matches with Kane, as well as Undertaker, but he couldn’t do the same stuff with them that he can with Benoit. So really this is a “career” match for the guy as he can finally prove his worth against one of the best ever (He wasn’t really credible enough to have that kind of match with Undertaker yet). MVP finally gets in control and smartly works over Benoit, targeting the arm, while Benoit keeps showing us that he’s the veteran, managing to find openings that most guys wouldn’t find. Finish kinda comes out of nowhere, and somewhat falls flat, which is a shame. The match was just kind getting going and then it stopped. Will have to check out their 2/3 falls match to see if that holds up as being really good. This was fine, but could have been so much more. **3/4.

Match 4 – The Undertaker Vs Batista – Going into this match back in 2007, I was unbelievably excited for it. Not because I was expecting a classic between the two (I had no faith in Batista being able to put on a great match), but because I was absolutely certain that The Undertaker was leaving with the title, and that’s just awesome :D. Not only was the WHC on the line though, The Undertaker’s 14-0 WrestleMania winning streak was on the line too. The Undertaker, after finally winning the Royal Rumble for the first time in his career, wanted the title perhaps more than ever. Batista, after coming back from injury in mid 06, had won the WHC once again and was determined to keep hold of it and prove to everyone that he was not only on The Undertaker’s level, but he was better. This match might have been on 4th, but like The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25, for me it is the REAL main event. It’s the main reason I bought the PPV, it’s the main reason I bought the DVD. Teddy Long doing the ring announcing was a nice touch too, making the whole thing seem that much bigger, as he was the General Manager of Smackdown and this match was huge. Batista’s entrance was nothing special, just his usual stuff, but The Undertaker got another epic WrestleMania entrance with the druids carrying the flame torches (plus his entrance is usually epic to start with lol). I know it seems like I am rambling a bit, but all of this stuff really built me up and got me excited as hell for this match, and if I’m going to review the match, I feel I need to include all of this too :P. The bell finally rings, The Undertaker comes out of the corner with his usual fighting stance, but just as quickly as he leaves his corner, Batista is running full speed into the Dead Man with a spear! Batista showing the world, and The Undertaker, that he is not intimidated, that he has no fear, and that he will do anything to win. Back and forth they go, keeping the pace quick as hell, which is impressive as hell given the fact that both are big guys. The fans are firmly on The Undertaker’s side, despite Batista being one of the biggest faces in the company. Let’s face it, how many people could still get cheered at WrestleMania against a face Undertaker? Batista continues to show everyone that he will do what it takes to win, when he takes to the ropes, and comes flying off with a shoulder block! The Undertaker recovers and flies across the ring for his leaping clothesline, then goes for a Chokeslam. I love this part, with The Undertaker trying to Chokeslam Batista, and Batista using all his strength to keep ‘Taker’s hand off his throat. They continue to keep up this amazing pace, going to the outside, where we see the usual “Undertaker WrestleMania Spot” as he dives over the ropes to the outside. But even after that, Batista continues to come back and take the fight to The Undertaker, showing that he may be the biggest threat to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. An awesome looking Running Powerslam from one announcer’s table to the other is just more offence from Batista to show us that he is taking out all the stops to beat the Dead Man. The crowd, and myself, are just going crazy for all of this amazing action, and it’s not even in full gear! Last Ride out of the corner looks to solidify a 15-0 win streak, but Batista kicks out, hits a Spinebuster, and then a Batista Bomb! Now, going into this match I was pretty certain that The Undertaker was going to win, but when he hit that Batista Bomb, my belief was suspended, and I genuinely thought that the streak was OVER. I wasn’t the only one, the fans in the arena all seemed to be thinking the same thing, and when The Undertaker kicked out, the place erupted. Incredible. This unbelievable match eventually ends with a Tombstone Piledriver, and I mark the fuck out as The Undertaker is once again the World Champion :D. There is a reason I consider this the MOTY for 2007; it’s just fucking incredible. Batista brought his A game, perhaps for the first time ever (IMO he was better here than his HIAC with HHH), and The Undertaker brought his A game too, perhaps better than ever before. It’s a faced paced, action packed encounter that tells a simple story very well, and it never gets old. It’s also the best Undertaker WrestleMania match so far! ****1/2.

Match 5 – RVD, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Sabu Vs Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker & Kevin Thorn – ECW Originals Vs The New Breed. I remember this being terrible, and looking at the “talent” involved, I have zero interest in seeing it again. NO.

Match 6 – Umaga Vs Bobby Lashley – Battle of the Billionaires. Even though Vince isn’t a billionaire anymore and hadn’t been for years. Hair on the line too. Did anyone expect Vince to win? Austin is the guest ref. Something he did quite a few times over the years after he retired. Got to the point where people didn’t care. Lashley has the match won in about a minute, but Estrada puts Umaga’s foot on the ropes to break the count. So Lashley kills Estrada. Way to keep Umaga looking like a monster, having him basically beat in a minute. Lashley takes a great bump outside when Umaga side steps him and sends him through the ropes. Austin gets a Samoan Spike, and fuck me, takes a hell of a bump from it for a guy who had to retire with a bad neck and bad knees. Shane McMahon shows up to get involved. He goes coast to coast with a trash can in front of Lashley, puts on a ref shirt and goes for the count but Austin pulls him out… and takes another Samoan Spike LOL. Stunner from Austin, Spear from Lashley, and McMahon gets his head shaved. Match is pretty dull until Shane shows up tbh. **.

Match 7 – Melina Vs Ashley – NO.

Match 8 – John Cena Vs Shawn Michaels – This was supposed to be Cena/HHH II, but luckily HHH tore his quad (weird to say I know lol), and HBK took his place, which let’s face it is FAR more interesting. If only Rock got hurt this year and they couldn’t do Cena/Rock II. HBK is fucking awesome early on in this. He out wrestles Cena, as well as dodging those big rights and lefts from the champs and comes back with some jabs to the face to frustrate him. Similar to the HHH/Cena match last year in a way, as HBK is out to prove he’s the better wrestler than Cena, only this time it actually makes sense lol. Cena keeps trying to get back on offence, but Shawn has an answer for everything. Shawn goes after the legs of Cena for a little while, which Cena sells tremendously, and Shawn makes it all interesting too, not so much with what he does but how he does it; taking a shot at the leg then trash talking Cena as he’s writhing in pain. But Shawn makes a mistake, going to the well once too often with his shoulder attack to Cena in the corner, and Cena is able to move, sending Shawn head first into the ring post, busting him open! Cena can now mount a comeback, and plenty of people complain that Cena no sells the leg work here. Well… he doesn’t. The leg work only took up about 4 minutes of the match, and it wasn’t 4 minutes nonstop of leg work nor did Shawn do anything extreme to the leg either. So Cena holding his leg after certain moves, trying to shake it off etc for a short time after is honestly all he NEEDED to do. So stop complaining you fucks! Poor referee gets superkicked. PILEDRIVER ON THE RING STEPS! God I love that move. Cena’s head is busted open from that, and Shawn now feels that Cena is pretty much dead in the water. 5 moves of doom, and Sweet Chin Music is tuning up… only for Cena to counter with one hell of a fucking clothesline! Awesome cut off spot. But like most of this match, just when Cena looks to build momentum  HBK as the big match veteran is able to counter in some way. But as the match goes on, the POWER of Cena keeps allowing him to create openings, and it’s his POWER that allows him to get HBK to his shoulders, keep him there and finally give him the F-U! Shawn kicks out and again seems to get in control… until it’s that POWER of Cena that allows him to catch Shawn from the ropes, power him up to his shoulders and… HBK counters, SWEET CHIN MUSIC… NO! Countered by Cena who goes for the STFU! Shawn counters that, but Cena counters again and this time locks it in! Awesome sequence, but Shawn is too close to the ropes and again the veteran is able to escape the clutches of Cena. SWEET CHIN MUSIC CONNECTS! Cena kicks out, but both men are spent. They hold onto each other as they get to their feet… and Cena goes for yet another F-U! Shawn escapes but Cena counters him before he can do anything else, and locks in the STFU again! And like WM 22, the match ends with a tap out! Back to back WM’s and Cena made DX tap out! Great match, better than the previous year’s main event. Shawn was great as the veteran with an answer for everything, and Cena was great at using his power to gain the upper hand whenever he could, and as the match went on he upped his game until he finally beat the more experienced challenger. ****.

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