WrestleMania 29 – Predictions

Posted on: April 7th, 2013 by Big Cal

Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls Vs Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

Oh how exciting this one is. I’m certainly not interested in Miz/Barrett, but THIS match made it onto the card over the IC title match which is relegated to the pre-show? LOL. If it goes longer than 5 minutes I’ll be surprised. Heels will bump around, the divas will do some awkward cat fighting shit, and then they’ll do a finish.

Winners – Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls. They’ll probably run through the heels, hit some big splash moves for the win and then dance and shit.

Chris Jericho Vs Fandando

While I’m not exactly giving a fuck about this one, I do think it could end up being the sleeper match of the show. Give it around 15 minutes and there’s a good chance it will deliver a solid match at least.

Winner – Fandango. Jericho is back on his yearly “put everyone in sight over” run, and with Fandango getting a push atm, seems like the logical choice. Huh, guess that means Jericho is gonna win then? 😛

Mark Henry Vs Ryback

I can think of a ton of guys better for Henry to face at WM, but who knows, could be a solid big man slugfest. Keep it under 10 minutes and just have both men power each other around and it should be a ton of fun.

Winner – Ryback. I soooo want Henry to win just because he’s fucking AWESOME, but Ryback has been losing big matches every since HIAC with Punk last year. He kinda needs the win.

Team Hell No (c) Vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Big E sucks. Bryan being suck in a tag match at WM sucks. But it could end up being a good match. Half expecting new tag champs, half expecting no title change, leading to Dolph cashing in to make up for the loss (assuming the WHC match doesn’t open the show lol).

Winners – Team Hell No. I want these two to split up sooo fucking bad because Bryan needs to be a singles wrestler again. BUT I don’t see them shoving Dolph into yet another meaningless tag team right now because he’s almost guaranteed at this point to be the WHC very soon, if not tonight.

Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar

People either loved or hated their SS match. I for one loved it. Can it be topped here? Maybe. NHB will let them brawl and shit, and I’m kinda expecting some blood in this one, just to put over the feud and whatnot. Yeah WWE is PG, but a bit of blood isn’t going to stop it from being PG. Lesnar’s MMA style of working is awesome, and as long as HHH doesn’t go all super on us and out fight Lesnar without weapons I don’t see how this could be bad… unless it goes on for too long.

Winner – Triple H. Don’t like that he’s probably gonna win, but he isn’t going to fully retire from in ring action right now. And he needs his win back from SS lol. The loss can maybe motivate Lesnar into murdering a bunch of people, leading up to whatever his next match is gonna be.

The Shield Vs The Big Show, Sheamus & Randy Orton

Totally hyped for this one. Shield have yet to let me down. Sheamus is great, Show is great, Orton will hopefully be motivated with it being WM and all so he too should be great in this match. Should be a hell of a chaotic tag match with great team work from The Shield, then go into a big finish with Show no doubt being all giant-y and fucking shit up before they do whatever finish they plan to do.

Winners – The Shield. I still don’t think it’s time for them to lose, at least not as a group. Maybe after WM start slowly putting them in singles action, with some losses here and there, put always put over the fact that together they are unbeaten, and perhaps unbeatable. Drag it out for a while, then when a team DO finally beat them, it’ll be a big fucking deal. Getting a big win at WM will do wonders for them (more so than already), while it’ll do fuck all for Show/Sheamus/Orton. Heels gotta win on the big stage too.

Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs Jack Swagger


Winner – Del Rio. Swagger getting the belt after all the build up and shit would be kinda weird (then again HHH retained the title against Booker despite the build being kinda racist lol). Guess it doesn’t matter too much, Dolph is either cashing in tonight or very soon.

The Rock (c) Vs John Cena

Yawn. Potential heel turn but probably not.

Winner – John Cena. Gets his redemption. Puts the belt on someone who will actually show up and promote his matches and be seen with the title belt.

The Undertaker Vs CM Punk

What a shite build. Ok, Paul Bearer died. I still don’t see WHY they needed to focus the build on that. Match has potential though. Just depends what kind of shape Taker is in. Hard to tell when he is either just throwing a few punches or getting attacked with the urn. Should only go maybe 15 minutes, it doesn’t have that “epic” scale to it like the HBK and HHH matches where going 30 minutes suited them. Keep it relatively short, work a nice pace and just do what they can. Not expecting a classic, but hard for me to believe it will be bad in any way.

Winner – The Undertaker. Duh.

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