The Perfect PPV – WWF 2001

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Big Cal

Well, I re-did my WWF 2000 Perfect PPV, so time to move on to 2001!


Before I start, just a quick reminder of the rules:


1. Only 8 matches
2. All titles must be defended, no repeated title defences
3. Each wrestler can only be used once


For 2001, we had MULTIPLE titles on the go thanks to WCW showing up and bringing along some of their titles too, which would make… 11 titles in total if my brain is functioning properly today lol. So I’m going to have to exclude some of the lesser titles in order to stick within the rules, leaving just the following titles to be defended:




WWF Tag Team

WWF Intercontinental

WWF Light Heavyweight

WWF Hardcore


Women’s title was killed off just before the Invasion angle started and only really produced one match the entire time it was around worth seeing anyway, so it was an easy pick to leave off. European title took a backseat throughout the year too, and the WCW US title was only defended something like twice on PPV that year too (in WWF). WCW Tag Titles were mostly defended in terrible matches or basically unified with the WWF tag belts, even before they were officially unified, so again no point in having them here. WCW CW title was quickly merged with the Light Heavyweight title so that’s gone too.


With only 6 titles being defended, that leaves me with 2 match spots open, which I’ll use for High Profile matches! Well, that’s that out of the way, onto the show!


The Card


WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Match – Tajiri Vs X-Pac – SummerSlam – ***3/4 – 4

This was actually for the LH AND CW title, so does a nice job of adding an extra title into the mix haha. Match rules. Both guys have great martial arts backgrounds, and can both throw some wicked KICKS. Strange seeing a WWF Vs WWF match for a WWF and WCW title on PPV during the Invasion angle, but X-Pac had that “X-Pac Heat” and was booed regardless of the fact he was on team WWF. Tons of great action, great KICKS, and a nice unification match too!


WWF Hardcore Championship Match – Jeff Hardy Vs RVD – Invasion – ***3/4 – 4

The only title to be defended on the Invasion PPV! And man oh man what a fucking match! Both guys have a reputation for being crazy bastards, willing to do insane spots to entertain the crowd. So from a “hardcore” match perspective this was likely a dream match for someone familiar with both men. Me, I didn’t really know who RVD was so that was lost on me, but the match on it’s own is still tremendous that you don’t NEED to know both men and consider it any kind of dream match. Made me an RVD fan back in the day, just a shame I didn’t stay an RVD fan for long haha. Match is an awesome, hard hitting SPOT heavy match that was perfect for the title involved. A close call between this match and the Undertaker/RVD match as to which was gonna make the PPV, but I actually prefer this match ever so slightly! Plus, it allows me to use Undertaker later on.


WWF Tag Team Championship Match – The Dudley Boys Vs Edge & Christian – Royal Rumble – ***1/4 – 2

Not my first choice for a tag title match, BUT I had to made a few “sacrifices” here and there in order to use other people in other matches to make the best card I could. Despite not being the BEST tag title match of the year, it’s still a great match and one I’ve always had so much fun with. The crowd were into the match, and any time we got a combination of the Hardys, Dudleys & E&C, be it 2 on 2 or 2 on 2 on 2, we always got magic and this is no different. Nice title win for the Dudleys, and was just another stepping stone in their big tag rivalry that would give us another TLC match at WM!


High Profile Match #1 – Stephanie McMahon Vs Trish Stratus – No Way Out – *** – 2

Again I had to make sacrifices in order to get a better all round card, and with all the “top players” from the year used up in title matches, finding a highly rated NON title match that didn’t feature someone I already planned to use was proving difficult. Until I remembered this! And with the women’s title being out of action for most of the year it was nice to be able to add a GOOD women’s match to the card, even if it wasn’t for the belt. Always been a fan of this, and I’m still surprised by how great it turned out given that Trish was still green as grass and Stephanie was never fully trained to be a wrestler. These two mostly NON WRESTLERS at the time showed up the rest of the female roster by having a better match than any of them could dream of having. Hell it still holds up today as one of the better women’s matches in WWF/E history imo!


WWF Intercontinental Championship Match – Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho – Royal Rumble – ****3/4 – 8

The single greatest ladder match in history for me. And the best IC title match ever too! Incredible wrestling, great use of the ladder, and one hell of a way to cap off their incredible feud that started almost a year earlier. To this day I still remember the sickening suicide dive from Benoit right into a steel chair that Jericho held up, as well as the awesome sight of Jericho locking in the Walls of Jericho to Benoit ON THE LADDER. WM X ladder match might have been the measuring stick for matches like this, but this one is the evolution of how a ladder match should be worked.


WCW Championship Match – The Rock Vs Booker T & Shane McMahon – Unforgiven – ** – 0.5

Another one of those “sacrifices” matches. The WCW title didn’t exactly have many great title defences on PPV… and the few that it DID have both featured guys I wanted to use for bigger and BETTER matches. Jericho/Rock No Mercy was better, but Jericho was already used for the IC title match which was WAY better than the WCW title match. And then Jericho/Angle from Rebellion was again better, but Jericho was still being used for the IC title match, and Angle is being used elsewhere. We also had Jericho/Austin from Vengeance when the titles got unified, which was barely better, but again used guys I planned for elsewhere. So I had to settle for a below average match in order to benefit the rest of the card. Still, there is SOME fun to be had here. Mainly from Shane. In fact, ALL from Shane. He was the MVP of the match no doubt. A small blemish on this Perfect PPV, but done for the greater good, I swear!


High Profile Match #2 – The Undertaker Vs Triple H – WrestleMania – ****1/4 – 6

I was originally planning to use Undertaker in the hardcore championship match, freeing up Jeff Hardy for the TLC II match at WM for the tag titles, but then that would have really screwed me over with these high profile matches lol. And since I actually preferred the Hardy/RVD hardcore title match and the RR tag title match is only just below the TLC match, I decided to again do what’s BEST FOR BUSINESS and keep Undertaker for something better. Plus it allows me to actually use HHH, who wouldn’t have made it on otherwise! Despite some hate this match gets these days, I’m still a huge fan of it even though I DO see the problems with it (mainly that damn ref bump lol). I love the brawling on the outside, the chokeslam to hell, the use of the Sledgehammer, and Motorhead playing HHH’s theme live. Everything combines to make one of my favourite matches of the year!


WWF Championship Match – Steve Austin Vs Kurt Angle – SummerSlam – ***** – 9

Without a doubt THE best match of the year. I finally went all the way and gave it ***** on last watch because even WITH the finish it absolutely deserved it. I kinda see why people don’t go this high on the match BECAUSE of the finish, but for me I felt the finish was absolutely perfect for the story of the match and what they were trying to achieve with the characters of Austin and Angle too. Angle would never give up until he brought back the WWF title, and Austin would do ANYTHING to make sure he kept it. So when Angle kicked out of multiple Stunners despite taking an arse kicking most of the match and bleeding like crazy, Austin had to do everything in his power to keep the title, even if it meant he technically lost the match. I wasn’t exactly a “smart” fan back when this first happened, but even then I KNEW this was fucking great and was able to appreciate it on a level beyond “cool moves” like I was probably more prone to do at the time. And watching it now, being all “smarky” or whatever term you want to throw at me, I love and appreciate it even more than ever. Quite possibly the best WWF/E Championship match EVER.


And there you have it! My Perfect PPV – WWF 2001 card! A total of 35.5 on the CAL SCALE, which puts it a whole 12.5 points ahead of the actual best PPV in 2001!!!


Do you agree with my card? Think I could have done better? Let me know by adding a comment below!

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