The Perfect PPV – WWF 2000 (Re-Done)

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by Big Cal

So I started this new feature with WWF 2000 already, however since then I also started weekly PPV Rambles, and have managed to get through 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 so far (not all on the site yet as I put 1 on a week). So by seeing matches again for the first time in years, some ended up not being as great as I once thought, and some managed to be even better. I was originally going to just go straight to 2001 with these Perfect PPV’s, and do each year as I finish posting all the rambles on the site, but then I decided to re-do 2000 mainly just for formatting reasons as I believe (at the time I’m typing this haha) only ONE match would actually change from the original (


A quick update on the rules:


1. Only 8 matches
2. All titles must be defended, no repeated title defences
3. Each wrestler can only be used once


So here is the slightly upgraded version of the Perfect PPV – WWF 2000!


The Card


WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Match – Dean Malenko Vs Scotty 2 Hotty – Backlash – ***3/4 – 4

I used to think slightly higher of this match, so when I re-watched it some things weren’t QUITE as good to me this time around… however it’s still a fucking awesome match, and by far the best thing to come out of the Light Heayweight division since it started. Malenko’s best WWF match, and probably the best match Scotty has ever been in. Huge fan of the finish too… TOP ROPE DDT!!! Shame that the title never made it onto PPV again for 2000 (well maybe one of the “UK PPV’s”), but I guess if it absolutely HAD to be on just one PPV the entire year, I’m glad it got THIS kind of match!


WWF Women’s Championship Match – Ivory Vs Lita – Rebellion – *3/4 – 0.5

Well this is a change I actually didn’t expect. I had their Survivor Series match on my list last time, and honestly probably forgot this even happened. Match isn’t great, but it’s better than any of the other… 3 women’s title matches on PPV in 2000 (more than the LH title though!). At least we have a women’s match on the card that was an actual match, I think my only other option would have been a thong stinkyface match lol.


WWF Hardcore Championship Match – Shane McMahon Vs Steve Blackman – SummerSlam – *** – 2

The hardcore title had 2 halves in 2000. The first part of the year saw guys like Crash Holly and the Mean Street Posse using it as a comedy prop rather than a title. And it was fun. I love those crazy matches that took place anywhere and everywhere. But then Blackman won it… and things changed. Now it was more serious (to fit with Blackman’s character). He held onto the title for longer than most guys did with combined title reigns. He was dominant, and he had challengers beyond just the comedy characters. So when Shane took it from him thanks to about 10 guys interfering on his behalf, Blackman was determined to get it back… and what we got is a crazy, violent and GOOD match with Blackman beating the hell out of Shane, fighting off a bunch of corporate goons, and pulling out some crazy spots. I still remember Shane falling off the titantron like it was yesterday!


WWF European Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero Vs Perry Saturn – Fully Loaded – *** – 2

This is the match I thought would be the only change until I got to the women’s match lol. Amazing how much I used to love Eddie Vs Essa from Backlash… until I re-watched it. This match however was one I didn’t think too much of before, and while it does have its problems, overall it’s a good match and fun to watch. Plus it features the greatest steel steps bump ever LOL (check out my FL 2000 Ramble for a gif of it!). Eddie was good in this, Saturn was good, Chyna had her moments on the outside too, and I’m a HUGE fan of Saturn’s top rope elbow! If you do check out this match, just keep in mind it isn’t your average WWF formula match. If I’m remembering correctly Eddie controls the entire thing until right up to the end where he… gets beat haha. But I still enjoyed it and thought it was unique for the company at the time to work a match like this especially on PPV and for a title.


WWF Tag Team Championship Match – The Hardy Boys Vs The Dudley Boys Vs Edge & Christian – WrestleMania – ****1/4 – 6

Well, I STILL prefer this match ever so slightly to the first TLC match at SS later in the year. By SS, all 3 teams were pretty damn established in the company and their matches were more about keeping up their momentum by that time imo, while THIS match was all about them BUILDING that momentum and finally establishing themselves in the company. All 3 teams had interacted with each other in 2 on 2 action, and finally at WM we got all 3 teams meeting in a match for the first time (outside of I *think* a Survivor Series team match in 99) with the tag titles on the line at the biggest show of the year. It was their time to steal the show and put themselves on the map permanently… and boy did they ever! They managed to combine the likes of the No Mercy 1999 ladder match and Royal Rumble 2000 tables match and create similar spots with different people, then unique spots that might have been based off of things they’d already done, and we ended up with pure MAGIC. Also really love the platform they built with 2 ladders and a table, especially with how it fit into the finish (that table SMASHING was awesome). TLC matches were born out of this, and all 6 men’s careers were essentially born out of this too in the WWF!


High Profile Match – Steve Austin Vs Rikishi – No Mercy – ***1/2 – 3

Oh look, yet ANOTHER change haha. Originally I had a #1 contenders match between Rock and Big Show, which was I guess a version of a High Profile Match. On a re-watch I didn’t like it AS much, and then I discovered this match! Good GOD this is one hell of a fucking brawl. Rikishi ran over Austin and put him out for a year, so Austin is back and wants to KILL Rikishi. Quite literally. He tries to crush him with his car until the cops show up!!! Rikishi bleeds like a motherfucker, Austin looks like the baddest man on the fucking planet, and together they give us a very real feeling FIGHT. Tremendous.


WWF Intercontinental Championship Match – Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho – Backlash – **** – 5

So glad this match held up! The beginning of their great rivalry in WWF, and while they had a triple threat at WM, this was the first real match in that feud, and as great as it is, it isn’t even their best! Certainly their best in 2000 though, hence it being on the card instead of say, JD Submission match (which is almost as awesome). I love how they mix up straight up wrestling while still showing the world that they HATE each other. The best IC title match for 2000 on PPV (and likely TV too), and one of my favourite IC title matches too. Big fan of their feud (even if their SS match sucks haha), and this was the perfect way to start it. Finish is something I can see people not liking (mainly due to the commentary making it seem like it was confusing as fuck… when anyone with EYES and a functioning brain knew exactly what happened…), but I loved it!


WWF Championship Match – Triple H Vs Cactus Jack – Royal Rumble – ****3/4 – 8

MOTY for 2000, and just perfect for this card that it happens to be for the WWF Championship and can be my main event! An incredible street fight that put HHH on the map as a main eventer and showed the world that Mick Foley could still fucking GO even if he was hurting and looking to retire at the time. Originally he WAS supposed to retire here, and that would have been a perfect ending tbh. Violent, sickening and awesome. Cactus looked like a mad man, and HHH was finally seen in a different light, as someone who COULD go up against a crazy hardcore bastard and come out on top in the end. And this was the SECOND time Foley helped MAKE Triple H too!


So there is my revised WWF 2000 Perfect PPV card!!! A few more changes than even I was expecting, but it is what it is haha. A total of 30.5 on the CAL SCALE, which is 5.5 more than the best show of the year! Honestly I was expecting more, but unfortunately the majority of truly great matches from 2000 PPV that could have added more points were WWF title matches, or featured the same few guys, so I was unable to use most of them!


Do you agree with my card? Think I could have done better? Let me know by adding a comment below!

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