Survivor Series 2009 PPV Ramblings

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Survivor Series 2009


The 2nd to last PPV… and from what I remember, it’s actually a pretty decent event. I mean, I own it on DVD after all! Can’t say that about many 09 shows :p.


The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre & Sheamus Vs John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Finlay & Shelton Benjamin – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Man, look at the fucking TALENT in this match. And look at where most of it went :(. Dolph? Turned to shit. Swagger? Jobber 4 Life. Drew? TNA. Sheamus? He’s in line for a title run atm but… he just hasn’t been the same for a while. Morrison? Gone. Bourne? Gone. Hardy? Fat, out of shape, and in TNA. Finlay? Retired it seems. Shelton? Died a slow, painful death in WWE before leaving.

Quite sad :(.

Swagger countering a ROLL UP into a SUPLEX :mark:.

Bourne totally rocks the early going of this match, and even gets rid of Dolph with a huge SSP!!! But once that’s done, McIntyre hits his Future Shock DDT and pins him :(.

BUT… that leads to FINLAY running in next and trying to murder Drew, who he has been feuding with for a while.

Sheamus is tagged in and… KICK TO THE FACE immediately and Finlay is gone. Lots of fast eliminations here, no doubt so they can make sure other matches on the show get more time, even though most won’t have the potential to be as awesome as this could be with 30 minutes :(.

I still never understand why people DON’T BREAK UP PINS in elimination matches. Normal tag matches? ALL THE TIME. Elimination tag matches? Meh, fuck it. Stupid as fuck.

Seems things are slowing down a bit now with Hardy playing FIP, and he’s the perfect guy since Bourne has already been eliminated. Also means we get some more Swagger Vs Matt action :).

Fuck me, Swagger takes the… whatever that springboard kick of Morrison was called… really, really well. Though he does seem to take shots to the head far too well in general lol :p.


Doesn’t matter though, Swagger still ends up being pinned moments later.

Yey some Drew Vs Matt stuff :mark:. They had some awesome matches together.

FUTURE SHOCK DDT. Well, it’s 3 on 1 now for poor Morrison. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be like that if HE BROKE UP PINS. But what do I know? I’m just a fat ginger guy who posts blogs and videos on the internet…

Morrison takes a beating for a while, but starts to come back and almost takes everyone out, until he springboards right into a kick and then BOOM, Razor’s Edge!!! Sheamus picks up the win for his team!!!

Always liked this match :). Lots of good talent (and The Miz), and does get about 20 minutes too, so aside from some fast eliminations early on, it does get a decent bit of time.

Rating: ***1/4


Backstage segment with Christian and his team (well, Kofi’s team). Everyone is black but Christian. Christian sees this and makes a joke about it, claiming that he’s different and the only one… FROM ECW. The others laugh it off thinking he was on about being white while they are all black, and he thinks they thought it was because he was Canadian :lmao. He then raps and brings up the fact he’s the only white guy :lmao. Oh man, why the FUCK was Christian not pushed more than Edge, seriously? I don’t get it? At all. Better on the mic? Check. Charisma? Check. In ring? FUCKING CHECK. He had IT. But Vince didn’t like IT and so Christian was pushed aside. Fuck you, Vince. Fuck you straight to motherfucking HELL.


Batista Vs Rey Mysterio


Well, this looks like it will be FUN. Rey is running around, trying to chop down the ANIMAL… meanwhile Batista just MURDERS little Rey Rey every chance he gets :mark:.

Rey rocks at constantly trying to fight out of power moves and trying to hit Batista every chance he gets to keep him down so the power can’t come into play.

Batista is in serious trouble here as Rey really gets some momentum going, hitting multiple 619’s to the ribs of Batista while he’s standing against the ropes, and following it up with the springboard senton!!! But Rey takes one too many risks and Batista counters with his knees during a splash, and then Batista runs through poor Rey with a SPEAR that even Goldberg could be proud of.

That seems to be the end of Rey, and after a Spinebuster and BATISTA BOMB, it’s pretty much confirmed.

ANOTHER BATISTA BOMB~! Batista is punishing Rey for costing him the WHC back at Bragging Rights.

THIRD BATISTA BOMB~! And the referee calls for the bell; Rey cannot continue.

I was right, this was a lot of fun :).

Rating: ***


Team Orton backstage. Orton EXPECTS his team to win tonight.


Randy Orton, William Regal, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Vs Christian, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, MVP & R-Truth – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

HENRY starting this match :mark:. He wants a piece of Orton!

:lmao Team Orton on the apron all try to attack Henry and he wipes them all out.

And then behind the referee’s back, they attack him again and Orton lands the RKO and Henry is gone :(. I miss Henry. Team Kofi only has Christian now who is worth a damn.

R-Truth is quickly despatched and I’m a little happy :). Still miss Henry :(.

CHRISTIAN~! Did Christian and Punk have any singles matches?

Christian is awesome early on, realising he’s about to be send into the opposite team corner, and manages to counter Punk and get back to the middle of the ring where he’s safe from potential cheap shots!

Teddy is eliminated by Christian!!! And the moment that happens, Regal rolls in and decks Christian with a running elbow :mark:.

Urgh, Kofi tagged in.

He and Regal go back and forth, but MVP makes a blind tag and comes in to eliminate Regal :(. WHY ALL THE GOOD GUYS GETTING ELIMINATED FIRST?!?! If Christian is next amma be majorly pissed.

Phew, MVP is next to go. But now I remember how this match goes, and I’m sad again :(.

KILLSWITCH~! Cody Rhodes is done! Down to 2 on 2; Kofi & Christian Vs Punk & Orton!

KILLSWITCH TO ORTON~! But Punk actually BREAKS UP A PIN and an RKO later sees Christian eliminated :(.

Kofi was getting a pretty huge push at the time. He had that whole “MSG moment” as well as destroying Orton’s car and whatnot. But feuding with Orton would end up ruining his career and… and I kinda wanna thank Orton for that :p.

Punk and Kofi, two good friends and travel buddies in real life, have a stare down for… no real reason before getting into the action.

Some decent exchanges between the two friends, but then the match slows down as Punk applies some rest holds. Meanwhile, Orton is on the floor acting more like a manager rather than a tag partner…

Kingston eliminates Punk eventually, then immediately decks Orton with Trouble in Paradise and eliminates Orton to win the match!!!

This was ok, but gots nothing on the opening tag.

Rating: **1/2


The Undertaker Vs The Big Show Vs Chris Jericho – World Heavyweight Championship Match

This match taking place allowed the first EVER one on one meeting between Jericho and Undertaker to take place during the build up. Oh, and I just so happened to be there live :D. Happened the same night as the epic Christian Vs Regal ECW title match too :mark:. That was one hell of a night!!!

Show and Jericho are tag champions at this time still. Show was given a title shot for his actions at Bragging Rights; costing Team Raw the match and letting Smackdown win. But, since Jericho got the pinfall in that tag, he also got a title shot tonight!

Man, there truly is NOTHING like being in the arena for Undertaker’s entrance. It’s magnificent on TV, but just so damn special in person. So glad I was finally able to experience it about 2 weeks prior to this show. And Undertaker having the WHC at the same time was icing on the cake. With current wrestling really not doing anything for me aside from Undertaker’s current feud with Lesnar, I have more belief now than I ever have, that once Undertaker retires, I will likely stop watching wrestling. Current wrestling, anyway.

We get the classic Jericho/Fan moment in this match with a fan telling Jericho to “go back to Toronto” to which Jericho replies “I’m from Winnipeg, you idiot!!!” :lmao.

Well this match plays out exactly as you would expect at the start; JeriShow double team Undertaker while Undertaker does whatever he can to not only survive, but also get some big offence in.

Again, like I’ve mentioned before in these 09 Rambles, I have to laugh thinking of all the “reports” of Undertaker being in bad shape and injured or whatever… but I challenge ANYONE to show me where he looks out of shape or injured in this match. He is taking bumps, getting beat down by 2 guys, and while the traditional triple threat formula sees 2 guys battle with one guy outside on the floor, Undertaker is almost always one of the guys in the ring.

Jericho has Undertaker locked in the Walls of Jericho for a good while, and just as everyone thinks he’s gonna tap out, Big Show gets back into the ring and takes out his partner!!!

:mark: Time for some Undertaker Vs Big Show stuff :mark:. Their 08 feud was awesome, and it did continue into early 09 as well, and nice to see it coming back a little here.


LAST RIDE TO JERICHO~! But Jericho steals a page from HHH’s book at WM 17, picking up the WHC with him and decking Undertaker in the head!!!




Jericho tries to go for a Tombstone :lmao. Undertaker reverses, but turns into a KNOCKOUT PUNCH~!

Jericho and Big Show break up a couple of pin attempts from each other, and start to go at it!

Big Show is in control and looking to take out his old rival, but he makes the mistake of taunting Undertaker first, allowing the Dead Man to lock in Hells Gate!!!

Big Show taps!!!

Undertaker retains the WHC is a really good triple theat match!!!

Rating: ***1/2


Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Layla & Jillian Vs Mickie James, Gail Kim, Melina, Eve & Kelly Kelly – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Since I only like about… 2 people in this match, I’ll skip it.

Rating: NO


John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels – WWE Championship Match

Both major titles matches on this show were defended in triple threat matches with the 2 challengers being tag team partners. Show and Jericho tried their best to remain together until the end of the match, and here? Well… HBK had a different idea :p.



HBK and Cena get to go back and forth for a good while without HHH, and HBK Vs Cena is typically always good :D.

Cena tries to AA HBK through the table, but HHH makes the save!!! Aaaaand then spinebusts Shawn through the table :p. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!!!

Well now we get HHH Vs Cena which… is VERY hit and miss compared to HBK Vs Cena :(.

Still, I guess it’s better than HHH Vs HBK :side:.

After a time of HHH Vs Cena, we do of course get HHH Vs HBK.

Not really got much to say about this match. Nothing horrible is happening, in fact it’s been a fun match but… there hasn’t really been anything worth saying without me resorting to typing out every single move :p.

One thing that IS horrible though, is Matt Striker’s commentary. Sometimes I really like the guy… other times I wanna shoot him. On the one hand is IS knowledgeable and it can add to matches, plus he does sound like he’s genuinely having fun out there. And then that usually devolves into him TRYING to make sure we know he’s a fan at heart, and ends up being a regular old smark who somehow got on commentary lol.




But HBK is hurt and falls out of the ring, while HHH falls on Cena!!!

1…2… KICK OUT!!!



Crazy awesome finishing stretch with everyone countering finishers and shit before HHH gets superkicked and Cena retains the title!

Good match :).

Rating: ***1/2


Overall CAL SCALE – 10

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