Money in the Bank 2011 Thoughts and Predictions

Posted on: July 17th, 2011 by Big Cal


I haven’t been THIS excited about a PPV since… well I just don’t know. I always look forward to the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania every year regardless of the card, but that’s because they are RR and WM. Looking forward to a “B” PPV is something I haven’t done in a very, VERY long time. Certainly not to the extent I am for this one. Every match on the card bar the divas match interests me. Haven’t even been able to say that for a WM or RR in a long time (maybe even ever tbh).


Divas Title Match

Kelly Kelly Vs Brie Bella

Yeah, this is ummm… on the card and stuff. Don’t care. At all.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

The Big Show Vs Mark Henry

On paper this can either look really terrible or pretty good, depending on your thoughts on both men. Personally, I’m a big fan of Show, and while Henry isn’t that great, he CAN be a good Monster Heel when he wants to be. They’ve had a nicely built feud with lots of HATE~! and if they go under 10 minutes and bust out plenty of big moves and try not to slow down too much, it could be an extremely fun brawl.

Winner: The Big Show. Both guys have a chance, but I’m gonna go with iog Show just because Vince is pretty protective of him and while Henry could use the big win I just don’t see them giving it to him.

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kane Vs Sin Cara Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barrett Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Sheamus Vs Heath Slater Vs Justin Gabriel

Definitely looking forward to this one. Don’t care for Slater, or Gabriel, Barrett or Cara, and I’m not the biggest fan of Kane (but I kinda like him), but tbh these kinda of matches are usually ALWAYS at least fun. Cara will do his best not to botch some big spots, I’m sure we’ll see a 450 splash from a ladder, and everyone else will probably have some sort of spot that will get a big reaction. Sheamus and Kane will be good power guys (maybe Barrett too…), Daniels and Cody will bump like champions, and everyone else will hopefully not screw up too badly lol. We also have the whole Daniel/Cody feud and the former Corre members involved that can be played off of, and I’m sure DiBiase will show up to help Cody and possibly take a bump too.

Winner: Sheamus. Can’t really see anyone else winning, even if I would personally love to see Bryan or Cody coming out on top.

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Alex Riley Vs Evan Bourne Vs Kofi Kingston Vs The Miz Vs R-Truth Vs Jack Swagger

Again, not fond of a bunch of guys in this (Riley, Kingston, Miz, Truth), but the rest should be able to make up for them sucking. Mysterio can take bumps and do crazy moves, as can Bourne. Kingston will try and hopefully not botch (he’s Raw’s equivalent of Sin cara). Del Rio showed us in his match with Christian that he can have a good ladder match and take bumps too, so having to do less here should mean that he will be fine. Swagger has experience in these matches and even won one (anyone remember that? No? LOL) so he won’t screw up too badly. The other 3? Well, fuck them tbh. Again, like the SD match I’m expecting something fun at least.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio. He won the RR match but didn’t win the title, maybe this time he will. Mysterio doesn’t need the win, and nobody else in the match is remotely credible imo.

World Heavyweight Title Match, If Randy is DQ’d Christian wins the title

Randy Orton Vs Christian

They’ve yet to have a bad match, and its great to see Christian in yet another “main event” at a PPV. Just one thing though… what happened to the whole “if the referee makes a stupid decision Christian gets an immediate rematch”? I get that the original contract was torn up by Sheamus… but like, they just make another. Why remove that rule and JUST add in the DQ stip? Seems retarded to me. Anyways, Christian is going pretty good as a heel (prefer him as a babyface tbh, but he wasn’t getting much mic time when he was), and Orton seems to finally be getting into a grove as a babyface (only taken him about a YEAR), so another good match is near enough a certainty.

Winner: Christian. Yeah, I said it. Christian is winning the title. But that’s not all. I’m also predicting that the SD MITB winner will come down, cash in and win the belt from Christian, causing him to snap even more and continue his crazy “loser heel” gimmick thing he has going lol.

WWE Title Match, If CM Punk leaves with the title, Cena is fired

John Cena Vs CM Punk

Fuck yeah. I’m actually looking forward to a JOHN CENA MATCH. First time since… well there was that one… ummm… I don’t remember. The atmosphere is going to be awesome. Punk is going to be over like a motherfucker, Cena will be booed straight to hell, and its just going to be FUN. These two have proven in Raw matches this year that they have chemistry, and with Punk being as awesome as he is, I can’t see this match being bad by any means unless Cena manages to completely fuck it up, and I don’t see that happening either. Sure, Cena has been extraordinarily average for at least a year now, but against the right guy in the right situation I’m sure he can bust out one of his great performances that we saw on pretty much a weekly basis in 2007 when he had a rather great year despite all the “Cena Hate” going around at the time.

Winner: CM Punk. Yep. Punk is beating Cena for the title. BUT, the whole “If Punk leaves with the title, Cena is fired” is going to come into play. Notice how its not “If Cena loses he is fired”? That’s because Cena doesn’t need to win to keep his job, the title simply needs to remain with a Raw contracted superstar. I know I already used this finish, but I can see the Raw MITB winner showing up and taking the belt from Punk, setting up a nice pre-made angle for SummerSlam between John Cena and (based on my predictions) Albertio Del Rio. I’ve read some rather awesome (and crazy) ideas for the finish of this match, and while some of them are WAY fucking better than my “idea” I just don’t see them happening. Regardless of my prediction coming true or not, WWE had better not screw this up. The Punk angle is white hot atm, and a shitty payoff is the very last thing they need. Give us something special Vince.

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