MNM Vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick – Smackdown April 7th 2006

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by Big Cal

LMAO at London and Kendrick sneaking up on Melina from behind and grabbing her while she is in mid entrance.

Kendrick start the match off in control, but then Melina gets revenge for earlier and causes Kendrick to lose control of the match for his team. I’ve mentioned in a past SD 06 review about Melina probably being the best booked Manager/Valet in years, and its things like that (revenge spots etc) that are the reason.

MNM do a wonderful job working over Kendrick and making the Southern Tag Formula as interesting as they can given the fact they are working in WWE. Loved how Kendrick nearly got over to his partner only to be stopped by Nitro, who hits a fancy spinny leg drop thingy on him and makes a cover, all the while staring and smiling at London because he knows MNM is in control.

The hot tag is teased numerous times, and even happens at one point but behind the refs back. It FINALLY happens, and London comes out on fire. MNM try to cheat their way to another victory, but London kicks out and nearly wins the match for his team! The last couple of near falls are well done and are all believable as finishes for the match.

Melina gets involved again, but her interference bites her team in the arse, and Londrick get the win!!!

Really enjoyed this one, much better than their previous match from…. whenever it happened before :P. MNM’s control segment was fantastic, and the finishing stretch was really nice too without going crazy or anything.

Rating: ***

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