Survivor Series 2004 PPV Ramblings

Posted on: November 16th, 2014 by Big Cal


Survivor Series 2004


The last show of 2004 for me to watch! And yes, I saved this one for last for a reason! I just hope it holds up lol.


Rey Mysterio Vs Billy Kidman Vs Chavo Guerrero Vs Spike Dudley – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

:lmao so now they are claiming that Kidman PURPOSELY injured Chavo with the SSP a couple of months ago… which makes no sense given the storyline that followed with Kidman being too scared to hit the move again unless he hurt someone else.

Chavo gets double teamed by 2 men. Most fun he’s ever had.

:lmao we end up with Rey and Chavo alone in the ring, and after the injury Chavo is something of a face (as much as he can be because, well, who the fuck can like Chavo?). Both men go for a kick at the same time and you can actually hear the fans LAUGHING at them :p.

:mark: Mysterio hits a hurricanrana off the top rope onto Kidman who is on the APRON, and they both land on the floor. Awesome.

Chavo shows his true colours by being a dick and turning on Rey the first chance he gets.

Spike, the champion, has been a total none factor in this match so far.

Gotta love how the fans POP like fuck for Kidman when he sets Rey up for the SSP. Even though he’s a heel. And he’s been injuring people with that move :lmao. Chavo breaks it up and gets a running headbutt to the balls by Spike for his troubles :).

Spike pins CHAVO to retain. Ha.

Fun opener, nothing more to say really.

Rating: **1/2


The first of many weird backstage confrontations with Heidenreich and Snitsky. Disturbing.


Christian Vs Shelton Benjamin – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

:mark: the first of 3 matches on this show I fucking LOVE and was looking forward to re-watching again.

Poor Christian keeps getting caught by Benjamin and out-wrestled on the mat as we start things off here. So now we have to see what Christian is going to do to counter the superior mat skills of his opponent here tonight.

SLAP~! Christian disrespects Shelton and then… PUNCH~! Shelton fucking DECKS him in the face lol. Shelton STILL has this match firmly in hand!

Christian just can’t get things together here, as Shelton continues to out-wrestle Captain Charisma at every turn, and uses his incredible athleticism to his advantage too. TOMKO on the outside ends up being the difference maker, or PROBLEM SOLVER as it were (hahahahaha I am hilarious), and the veteran Christian takes full advantage of the oppertunity :).

Plenty of PEEPS in the crowd too :mark:. I wonder how many are named Tom 8*D. Get it? PEEPing Tom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SHUT UP I’M HILARIOUS DAMMIT.

Christian begins to wear down the champ, and may or may not bend the rules a little *cough*FINGERS IN SHELTON’S EYES*cough*.

Dammit Shelton, what are you doing? He just walked right into Tomko as Tomko was randomly running towards the ring apron, and he got caught in the middle and hurt his back a little. Silly Shelton.

“YOU’RE A FLASH IN THE DAMN PAN. I’M A 3 TIME IC CHAMP YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Christian trash talking Shelton and slapping him :mark:.

Those slaps and trash talk end up firing up the young Shelton though, allowing him to begin his comeback :mark:.

:mark: awesome reverse suplex from Shelton who bounced Christian off the ropes first, basically a reverse suplex version of what Tully Blanchard used back in the day.

Fuuuck extremely close call from a reverse DDT by Christian!!!

Fuuuck another extremely close call, this time with a diving clothesline off the ropes from Shelton!!!

TOMKO BOOTS SHELTON~! Christian is gonna steal the damn title and… KICK OUT~!

:mark: fucking awesome finish to the match :mark:. Shelton wins!

Yeah this still held up as being awesome :).

Rating: ****


Angle didn’t like Edge’s book. Magical. Eugene meets Angle and tells him he sucks. While wearing giant foam hands because… RETARD~!


Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Carlito Vs The Big Show, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & RVD – Survivor Series Elimination Match

Cena us returning after… after he was… after JESUS AND CARLITO STABBED HIM IN THE KIDNEYS IN A BAR :lmao. Cena chases them to the back, where Carlito and Jesus steal a car from some random women and speed off. GTA: WWE?

:lmao meanwhile everyone else in the match just STOOD AROUND WAITING. Match finally starts as Cena makes his way back to the ring, making this a 4 on 3 match now.


Fuck me Tazz is confusing Jindrak and Reigns. Commentary is superb in this match…

Eddie gets isolated. Angle keeps running over and diving on Eddie to prevent a tag, which is kinda funny tbh :p.

Jindrak does the Rick Rude pose and I threw up a little in my mouth at seeing someone so untalented doing that.

Just after I call Jindrak untalented… he drives himself head first into the mat off a hurricanrana. Moron.

:lmao RVD gets eliminated with a botchy sneaky pin and even the commentators are confused.

Eddie runs in and rolls up Jindrak and uses the ropes to get rid of him straight afterwards.

Show chokeslams Reigns a minute or so later. LOL. Angle is left alone so… he runs away to get counted out… only to be stopped by RVD!

F-U and Frogsplash, and Show pins Angle.

Well this was… a giant load of nothing tbh lol. Eddie gets isolated and the heels are boring as fuck controlling him. Then we get a bunch of quick eliminations one after the other and the match ends. Ok.

Rating: 1/4*


Maven gets mauled by Snitsky. FINLAY APPEARENCE~! Highlight of the PPV :).


The Undertaker Vs Heidenreich

:mark: the second match on this show I’m excited to watch again. Yup, I’m excited for a HEIDENREICH match. And not JUST because his opponent is Undertaker, but because this is genuinely fucking GOOD.

It’s 2004. Undertaker is facing a PAUL HEYMAN GUY. 10 years on and a PAUL HEYMAN GUY would END THE FUCKING STREAK. Crazy!

Both men have those MMA gloves on, and both men love punching each other in the face :mark:.

:mark: Referee does the old “run away in fear of Undertaker” twice :mark:.

Fuck me there are some seriously GOAT punch exchanges in this match. Right on par with the best stuff from Undertaker/Big Show in 08 :mark:. Shame Heidenreich absolutely sucked when he wasn’t facing Undertaker.

Oh shit, Undertaker with a flying clothesline off the ropes :mark:. I genuinely can’t think of a time he’s done that since like, the mid-90’s!!! Works great into the match too as it shows that Undertaker is quite literally pulling out EVERYTHING to take down Heidenreich, who just keeps coming back.

LAST RIDE~! Heidenreich has enough awareness to grab the bottom rope and break up the pin! Undertaker just can’t seem to finish this guy off!

In the end, a Chokeslam followed up with a Tombstone is enough to end the match, but fuck me it literally took EVERYTHING from Undertaker to beat him! The look on Undertaker’s face in the corner tells the story, as he looks absolutely SHOCKED that it took all of that.

Just a great MANLY FIGHT here. Both guys throw some wonderful punches, Heidenreich looks like a million *insert currency here*, and Undertaker was his typical awesome self. Awesome.

Rating: ****1/4


Trish Stratus Vs Lita – WWE Women’s Championship Match

Not often this happens but… A WOMEN’S MATCH I PLAN ON WATCHING!

Man, this is a fucking FIGHT. Lita is punching the shit out of Trish, then starts to absolutely batter her with a chair!!!

And the ref calls for a DQ. Dammit, I was looking forward to this :(. Forgot it was so short. Bah. Could have been great too probably.

Oh sweet jebus Lita continues to absolutely fucking DESTROY Trish after the bell too. Someone tell me what the blow off match for this is, and assure me that it isn’t the match where Lita gets injured in the first few minutes please because GOD I need to see it. Wait… is it the match that main events Raw? SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE.

Rating: 1/4*


JBL Vs Booker T – WWE Championship Match

I was planning on skipping this match… but I realised I vowed to watch every main title match. Dammit :p.

JBL wins.

Yeah, I couldn’t be fucked writing about this. It sucked.

Rating: 1/4*


Triple H, Batista, Edge & Snitsky Vs Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Maven – Survivor Series Elimination Match

The winning team gets to run Raw for 1 week each! Which basically means everyone wants to face HHH for the WHC :p.

:mark: this is the third match I wanted to see. One of the very best Survivor Series Elimination Matches imo.

Since Maven was mauled by Snitsky earlier, it’s 4 on 3 to start things off… though unlike the SD tag earlier, Maven didn’t leave the building like a coward so he could also show up. SPOILER~!

Great sign in the crowd: “HAHA BATISTA CAN’T GET OVER”. Made even more hilarious by the fact that Batista gets HUGELY over in just a few weeks time during the Raw where OMG SPOILER Benoit runs the show.

Early going of the match sees pretty much everyone tagging in and out and getting a piece of everyone. Basic stuff, then Benoit tags in again and just fucking KILLS everyone. Not literally. He’d wait a few years for that…

DOUBLE DIVING HEADBUTT~! Benoit lands on BOTH Edge and HHH!

SHARPSHOOTER TO HHH~! Snitsky of all people breaks up the submission, even though he stated he was in this match for himself.

CROSSFACE TO EDGE~! Benoit is on a roll, but unfortunately people keep breaking up his holds.

PEDIGREE TO BENOIT~! And… Benoit is eliminated? First? Already? WTF? That sucks :(.

Now it’s 4 on 2… but HHH and Snitsky are having problems trying to decide who tagged in, leading to Batista and Snitsky getting in each other’s face while HHH gets caught in the Walls of Jericho and begging for someone to help him :lmao. Oh man that was an awesome little spot.

:lmao Flair prevents Jericho from hitting a Lionsault and is PISSED. He takes off his jacket and starts throwing it around before lobbing it in the face of Sign Guy who is in the front row :lmao.

:lmao Flair immediately comes running back to the ring and the referee has to physically take him away :lmao. Old Man Flair is awesome.

Speaking of awesome, fuck me at that Spinebuster from Batista. He ends up getting the WHC to the back of his head by Orton, then a kick to the head from Jericho, and he is GONE!

Batista gains some revenge though with a vicious fucking clothesline on Jericho before he leaves. I love the story that I *think* Jericho tells in his book, might have been Batista’s, how they worked everyone, including the boys, during a match that takes place before SummerSlam. Batista levelled Jericho with that clothesline and Jericho pretended to be KNOCKED OUT and the match had to be stopped. They planned it together to help put over the clothesline from Batista, and I have to say they did a great job because it always looks devastating and could easily be the finish to a match. Hell it helped HHH win the WHC back at the Elimination Chamber in 05!

So Batista is gone, but it’s still currently 3 on 2 for the heels, and they still have some MUSCLE with Snitsky.

HHH and Edge decide to double team Orton on the floor, leaving poor Jericho alone in the ring with nobody to tag until… MAVEN SHOWS UP~! He’s covered in blood but he’s fuelled by RAGE and takes the fight right to Snitsky and anyone else who gets in his way!

SNITSKY is bleeding above the eye now and fuck me the gash looks awful. He ain’t happy and decks Maven in the head with a chair and gets eliminated! He also makes sure to deck Orton and Jericho too so he’s at least helping out his team :p.

Maven is pinned from the chair shot, and it’s a 2 on 2 tag now, but Jericho and Orton both got hit with the steel chair too so the heels still have the advantage!

Bit of a miss-timed spot for Jericho’s elimination, as you clearly see Edge running the ropes to hit a SPEAR to Jericho, but Jericho doesn’t turn around right away :p. Still, a SPEAR lands and Jericho is gone!!!

2 on 1 now, with poor Orton left all alone. He got double teamed for a while AND took a chair shot from Snitsky. But he’s still a cocky bastard and tells Edge & HHH to come get some. So they do. And they beat the shit out of him :lmao. Good job, Randy!

Orton takes a beating but keeps trying to fight back. CRINGE-WORTHY spinebuster from HHH. And I mean that in the sense that ever since he tore his quad doing one in 07, I’ve noticed how awkward he lands doing most of his spinebusters and am shocked he didn’t tear anything before (with that move, anyway).

SPEAR TO HHH~! Edge makes a mistake and walks right into an RKO~! We are now down to HHH and Orton! Yey? Phew, only a few minutes of the match left!

PEDIGREE COUNTERED INTO A BEAUTIFUL RKO~! Orton wins! Orton wins! Orton wins! Once again Orton is the sole survivor at the Survivor Series!!!

Aside from Benoit being eliminated first and early… this match RULES. Eliminations aren’t all bunched together with one team dominating the other (looking at you, SD tag…), some great action, and plenty of little stories being told between different guys too. One of the elite Survivor Series Elimination Tags for sure!

Rating: ****1/4


Overall CAL SCALE – 18

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