The Perfect PPV – WWF 2000

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by Big Cal

Ok, so a new written content series I’m trying :). Basically, I’m going to take a year of wrestling for one company, look at all the PPV’s from that specific year, and put together an 8 match supercard! There are some rules though:

  1. Only 8 matches
  2. All titles must be defended, no repeated title defences
  3. Each wrestler can only be used once

Simple! So, to start this new series, I’ll go with my absolute favourite year in wrestling; WWF 2000!


The Card

Light Heavyweight Title Match

Dean Malenko Vs Scotty 2 Hotty (Backlash) – Lets face it, until Rey showed up in 2002, any kind of LH/CW title in WWF/E meant absolute shit lol. So even in a great year like 2000, LH matches worth mentioning are few and far between. Malenko was champion for the majority of the year, but rarely defended it. In fact, I think this is the only PPV match the title got, so no surprise that its on my supercard. That being said, it absolutely deserves to be here because its AWESOME. Probably the greatest match S2H has been involved in, and without a doubt the best Malenko match in WWF.

Womens Title Match

Ivory Vs Lita (Survivor Series) – You know something, I actually believe the womens title got more exposure in 2000 than the LH title! Stephanie won it early in the year and just kinda had it. Then Lita came along, got as over as any guy on the roster, and main evented a Raw to win the title! Some defences here and there against the likes of Ivory and Jacqueline prior to this match, but I don’t recall anything on PPV until this one. And with the only other one I can remember being at Armageddon and lasting about 2 minutes, I had no choice but to use this match. Its ok, nothing special. Lita blades like a champ. That’s about it.

Hardcore Title Match

Shane McMahon Vs Steve Blackman (SummerSlam) – FUN. That’s the best way to describe this one. The Hardcore title was never a big deal once Mankind first lost it back in… late 98/early 99. It was passed around the boys more than Melina. Crash Holly made a name for himself by holding it a million times, and for introducing the 24/7 rule that made for some great TV. The Blackman got hold of the belt… and actually made it credible. He defeated all comers, and was able to tap into his martial arts background in a way he never could before, which made him pretty darn popular at the time. Shane ended up winning it after being helped by half the roster, but before he could celebrate Foley announced he would defend it against Blackman at SummerSlam… and the 24/7 rule would be put on hold until the match so he couldn’t drop the belt before hand and back out! Anywho, the match is a ton of fun. Crazy spots, lots of run-ins, and then THAT spot. Insane. Maybe not the best hardcore match of the year, but certainly the best on PPV and a worthy addition to this super PPV!

European Title Match

Eddie Guerrero Vs Essa Rios (Backlash) – Match #2 from Backlash, and I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be another (and by “sneaky suspicion” I mean I actually know. Because I made this list 😛 ). Hell, the Backlash PPV is pretty much a perfect PPV for 2000 on its own. But hey, where’s the fun in that? So this match. Eddie was transitioning into a babyface at the time thanks to his association with Chyna, and to help, they started tagging Eddie and Essa together. Unfortunately Lita kept screwing things up for the team and Chyna got pissed, so the MEN had to sort things out! Lol. Really good match, nice mix of the Mexican style as well as some more mat based technical stuff too (from Eddie). Finish seemed a little odd if I’m remembering it correctly, but the rest of the match was good. Chyna gets stripped afterwards, which is a shame. Should have been Lita, but Chyna stripped her on Smackdown the week before or something, so this was Lita’s revenge.

Intercontinental Title Match

Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho (Backlash) – Told you! Another Backlash match :). And a tremendous match at that for the IC title. Benoit and Jericho wrestled numerous times in 2000, both on TV and PPV. Triple threat with Angle at WM, Submissions match at JD (close call between that match and this one), and a 2 out of 3 falls match at SummerSlam (a little disappointing tbh). Not only could these guys wrestle well together, but they really knew how to bring out the HATE~! in each other and into their matches, which made their feud really fun to watch. From their matches in Japan, WCW and WWF/E, I’d say this is their best match behind the 2001 RR Ladder match. Some people don’t like/are confused by the finish, but I dig it.

Tag Team Titles Match

The Dudley Boys Vs The Hardy Boys Vs Edge & Christian – Triangle Ladder Match (WrestleMania 2000) – Oh man, the amount of great tag matches to come out of 2000 both on PPV and TV is pretty insane. Easily the best tag division in the company since the mid to late 80’s. And at the centre of this amazing division were these 3 teams. They all had fantastic chemistry with each other, and no matter the match type (normal, ladder, table, TLC, cage), they put on a great match. Very close call between this and TLC from SummerSlam, but I went with this one because in all honesty its just my favourite. SS *might* be a little better (not by much if any), but I love the WM match. A lot of people get confused and think its a TLC match because they use tables and chairs, but its just a triangle ladder match that gave the company the idea for TLC in the first place. The table walkway set up on top of two ladders is something I’d never seen before, and I don’t think I’ve seen since either. Very creative (though for all I know they did it in ECW or something lol) and very cool. The way the table below it absolutely SHATTERS into pieces at the end when someone gets thrown off the walkway through it is amazing too.

#1 Contenders Match

The Rock Vs The Big Show (No Way Out 2000) – Well, 7 titles to be defended on an 8 card show means I needed to find something else to fill the gap. I did want an Undertaker match to fill the gap here, but unfortunately the only PPV matches worth going on a supercard like this were for the WWF Title, which can’t be used twice, and unfortunately there are better title matches in the year. So after looking over all the PPV cards, I managed to find the best non title match with wrestlers not already used up. Always liked this match, and I LOVE the finish too. Never been a fan of Rock, but he worked well with Show here. If I could repeat wrestlers on the card then this match wouldn’t have made it, but I can’t go breaking my own rules, so this will have to do. But hey, at least its still good!

WWF Title Match

Triple H Vs Cactus Jack – Street Fight (Royal Rumble) – Best WWF/E Title Match ever? Probably. Only other that comes close off the top of my head is Punk/Bryan from Over the Limit 2012 and Punk/Cena from Money in the Bank 2011. This match is just incredible. Foley’s performance was outstanding. HHH, despite having won the title a couple of times at this point already and had changed his style from a more “technical” style to brawling, still wasn’t seen as a “tough guy” and credible champion UNTIL this match. Foley essentially MADE The Game here, and looked better himself than he’s ever looked before too. Without a doubt THE only choice for Main Event and WWF Title Match on my Perfect PPV in 2000!

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