Undertaker Month – Review a Day #17

Posted on: November 17th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs The Big Show – House Show 10/10/2008

The last of my rare house show match reviews for Undertaker Month (still got plenty more to do at later points for my Mark Calaway Project though 🙂 ), and it’s the most up to date house show footage I have access to atm. Oh, and I just found out it falls count anywhere too! Awesome!

The feud these two had in 2008/early 2009 was great. Nothing heavy when it came to the storyline, but the matches were awesome. Two big bastards trying to cave each other’s faces in. Some truly epic brawls, starting at No Mercy, then a LMS match at Cyber Sunday, some awesome moments in the 2009 Royal Rumble match, and a great TV cage match on Smackdown. Oh, and a casket match at… Survivor Series was it? Best to forget THAT one lol. Will be interesting to see what they do in a falls count anywhere match, and at a house show too.

LOL at the women on the outside ready to walk to the back with Undertaker’s coat before he could take off his hat and give her that too. No idea why I found that so funny. But I did. Lol.

Big Show heels it up in the most basic way by leaving the ring and refusing to come back in, which gets plenty of heat. Crowd are great, booing the fuck out of Show and chanting for The Undertaker, and one little kid screaming “chicken” at Big Show and demanding that The Undertaker “go get him” before getting bored and shouting “get on with it”. WWE being PG and more Kid Friendly may not be the best thing for the product, but those little buggers can be hilarious at live shows. Shame they were just annoying at the ones I went to…

Man, 15 minutes have gone by already, and that’s just been both men making their entrances, then Big Show stalling like fuck. And the crowd are STILL very much into the whole thing.

Things finally get underway when Undertaker gives the Rest in Piece signal, and Show goes to deck the Dead Man with a right hand, only to miss and take a few shows to the face himself. Unfortunately The Undertaker has control for about 4 punches before The Big Show’s power comes into play, and ‘Taker is bumping around and being thrown to the outside where he continues to take a beating thanks to those massive body shots from Show.

Being rammed head first into the ring post puts a stop to Show’s offence for the moment, and gives Undertaker the chance to hit his signature Led Drop on the apron and some big rights and lefts of his own in the ring. He then targets the arm of Show, but being such a powerful guy, Undertaker is forced to use the ropes to help weaken the arm to set him up for Old School. Old School is reversed into a suplex, and Big Show is back in control.

Usual great selling from The Undertaker as he continues to take those big body shots, while getting a couple of hope spots in only to be cut off. Nothing much to write home about for a while with Big Show in control; he’s just wearing down the Dead Man with side slams and a nerve hold. Nothing particularly exciting, but it’s not boring either.

The falls count anywhere (aka Hardcore Match lol) stipulation finally comes into play when Show tries to use the ring steps against The Undertaker, only to ram himself shoulder first into them. Undertaker then uses the steps and a steel chair to even the odds before going back into the ring for a back and forth face caving session :D. These two men exchanges punches is always my favourite part of their matches.

Old School from The Undertaker fails once again, but this time Undertaker counters Big Show’s counter into a DDT! And Big Show taking a DDT is always awesome considering the way he sells it and the sheer massiveness of him lol.

Speaking of massive… Chokeslam to Big Show! Only gets a 2 count though. Since the big man is too big to Tombstone, out comes a steel chair, only to be punched back into the face of the Dead man! Guess it wasn’t the knockout punch though, and Undertaker kicks out at two lol. Show continues to punish Undertaker, giving him a taste of his own Chokeslam, but again only gets a 2 count. The chair comes into play again, and despite avoiding it once, Undertaker gets hit with it the second time Show swings! A really great finishing stretch for a house show match!

The Chokeslam didn’t work, and neither did 2 chair shots, so it’s all down to the knockout punch, which lands! Show looks confident and goes for a pin, but Undertaker was laying in wait to lock in the Hells Gate! Show taps!

Well I wasn’t disappointed with this one :). They had a great series on PPV/TV around this time, and their house show matches looked to have been great as well. Plenty of punching in the face, good use of weapons and a great finishing stretch.

Rating: ***1/4

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