Undertaker Month – Review a Day #30

Posted on: November 30th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Chris Jericho – WWE Smackdown 13/11/2009

It’s the final review for my Undertaker Month Review a Day! And what better match to end it on (since I’ve already reviewed my personal favourite and imo greatest match of all time lol) than The Undertaker’s first ever one on one match with Chris Jericho. I was there live, and it was the first time in my 20 years of being a fan that I got to see The Undertaker wrestle :D.

The announcers always talk about The Undertaker’s entrance and how awe inspiring it is, but you really don’t understand that until you see it live. The lights going out, the gong, the eruption of the crowd, the music, the flames, the smoke, and the slow walk of the Dead Man. It truly is an awesome experience that I am so glad I got to see. And to think, I was disappointed that I missed him twice before when he was simply the American Bad Ass. Coming out on a bike has NOTHING on this entrance! 😛

Oh, and to make it even more special for me personally, The Undertaker was the World Heavyweight Champion. Seriously didn’t get any better than this for me as a fan; first time seeing The Undertaker, witnessing his awesome entrance, watching him wrestle Chris Jericho for the FIRST TIME EVER… and he’s the World Champion? Fuck. Yeah.

Chris Jericho claims that he isn’t afraid of The Undertaker, and maybe he is telling the truth, because he doesn’t back down in the early going. Which unfortunately leads him to take a beating for a few minutes before countering Old School with an arm drag (one of his 1004 moves you know).

Being the “best in the world”, Jericho does a great job at grounding The Undertaker and generally having his way with him. His cocky attitude looks to be angering the Dead Man, but when Undertaker does fight back, Jericho perhaps has the advantage as Undertaker is more about revenge than just winning.

They tease a Last Ride out of the corner, but Jericho counters and hits the Codebreaker! He takes his time to cover and is unable to pick up the win, so he decides to mock The Undertaker with a Tombstone attempt! A couple of counters from the two before Jericho goes to the knee and brings The Undertaker down again… until The Undertaker sits right up and grabs Jericho by the throat! Jericho fights out and locks in the Walls of Jericho, which Undertaker counters into the Hells Gate, and Jericho taps!

Great fun to watch live, and while it was my favourite part of both nights when I went (Raw on Monday, ECW and Smackdown on Tuesday), it wasn’t the BEST match I saw in those two days (Christian Vs Regal was). Solid stuff, just a little disappointing when you think about how great both men are. Would have preferred it took place at a big PPV (like WrestleMania perhaps?) where they would have been given plenty of time, an actual feud (the triple threat they were involved in a week later hardly had any feud to it lol), and would have made sure they stole the show. But on the other hand, I got to see it live, and if it had happened anywhere else I wouldn’t have, so I’m just glad about that :D.

Rating: **3/4

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