WWE TLC 2010 Predictions

Posted on: December 19th, 2010 by Big Cal

The 2nd Annual TLC PPV is on tonight, so I figured I’d post my predictions for the show.

Tag Team Table Match – Beth Phoenix & Natalya Vs LayCool

So, if this just one person from the team goes through a table, or both? I ask because I am expecting Beth and Nat to win, but if BOTH members of a team need to go through… how the hell is Michelle gonna make it? She’ll break before the table lol…

Winners – Beth Phoenix & Natalya – They are the stronger team, Natalya is divas champ, and LayCool need to finally get what’s coming to them. Don’t care too much about the match though, since I won’t be watching the show live I’ll skip ahead to the table bumps when I watch it.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match – Dolph Ziggler (c) Vs Jack Swagger Vs Kofi Kingston

On paper this looks like it could be pretty good. Dolph is awesome, and one of the better bumpers in the company right now. Kofi can do some crazy ladder shit, and Swagger… well Swagger is a great wrestler and at least has a MITB ladder match win to his name so he doesn’t seem totally out of place here.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler – Kofi shouldn’t be anywhere near a title imo, and while I like Swagger, I think Dolph needs to have a nice long run with the belt. He’s been a great champion so far, puts on good match after good match, defends the belt often and adds some much needed credibility to the title. Considering the track record WWE have with Swagger, putting the belt on him would be pointless in the end, and Kofi just sucks too much to be IC champ :P.

#1 Contender Ladder Match – John Morrison Vs Sheamus

The more I think about this match, the more I’m looking forward to it tbh. The feud has been built up nicely, has lasted longer than 2 weeks which is a fucking feat in itself for WWE PPV’s these days (come to think of it, ALL the matches on the card have had plenty of time in the buildup except for Orton/Miz). Morrison has one win, Sheamus has one win, and now they get to have the rubber match with more than just a win at steak. I LOVE when they have #1 contenders matches at PPV’s. Just makes the title seem more important when guys are having big matches on big shows just to get the chance to fight for a belt, instead of constantly wrestling for a belt on every damn show. This one could very well be the sleeper MOTN.

Winner – ??? – I can’t pick. My logic is battling with WWE’s logic in my head and we can’t come to an agreement. My instincts tell me that Sheamus just won the KOTR and losing his first big match after that would make his KOTR win look pointless. On the other hand, with Miz quite possibly holding onto the title (I hope not, but it could happen), a heel vs heel match at the Royal Rumble again would be horrible, and Miz Vs Morrison would be perfect given their history and the fact that RR title matches usually feature mid card guys getting the shot they normally wouldn’t get. So, either Sheamus looks pathetic after just winning the KOTR, or WWE do something right and keep pushing a guy they seem to want to push, which unfortunately might make the RR title match worse than it could be. Guess I’ll just find out like everyone else, by watching the damn show lol.

Chairs Match – John Cena Vs Wade Barrett

Oh noes! Not a chairs match! Perhaps the most brutal and dangerous match of ALL TIME. At least, according to Matt Striker anyway. He’s a tool these days so nobody cares what he thinks. This feud started off great earlier in the year when Nexus got together. Then it started sucking around 3 weeks in. And they kept it going for MONTHS. And now we have to suffer through them essentially going back to where they started with Nexus attacking Cena. Yey.

Winner – John Cena – Barrett winning again doesn’t make sense. Really, really don’t give a fuck though. I just want this to end.

WWE Title Table Match – The Miz (c) Vs Randy Orton

Oh look, a singles table match. YAWN. Table matches were only really any good when they were between tag teams (MALE tag teams), and even then only a handful of them were actually any good. With Miz being Miz, and this not being 2004-2006 Orton, I am expecting a shit match just like Sheamus/Cena from last year, with probably a dumbarse ending too so Miz can retain the belt without actually doing a damn thing, because we all know he doesn’t deserve it.

Winner – The Miz – I WANT Orton to win just because I don’t HATE Orton. But unfortunately I see Miz holding on to the belt until Elimination Chamber. Like the divas match, I’ll probably just skip to the table bump.

World Heavyweight Title TLC Match – Kane (c) Vs Edge Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio

Talk about a dumb as fuck reason to add Rey and Alberto into this match. Teddy Long offers Rey and Alberto a shot at the title if Kane doesn’t make it to the PPV, and Alberto doesn’t like the idea of being a backup plan… so Teddy sticks them in the match no matter what. AARRGGHHH. At least with 2 good workers in the match instead of none, which was the original plan, the match might end up being a fun spotfest.

Winner – Edge – Honestly I don’t want anyone in this match as World Champ right now, but Edge seems the most likely to win. Kane’s reign has gone on way too long, Rey just isn’t a credible champion and Del Rio, while really good, doesn’t need the belt this early in his run. Edge is the go to guy when it comes to passing the belt around, so whatever. He’ll probably drop it at the Elimination Chamber anyway.

So, those are my predictions on WWE TLC 2010. I just have one last thing to say: WHERE THE FUCK IS BRYAN DANIELSON???

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