The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle – WWE Smackdown 04/09/2003

Posted on: January 9th, 2011 by Big Cal
The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle – WWE Smackdown 04/09/2003

For 20 minutes, both men pull out everything they have to try and beat each other. They start off by trying to gain the early advantage, with ‘Taker trying to get a big punch in, and Angle trying to take down the bigger man. We get a stalemate between the two, as neither can do what they want.

Angle finally manages to control The Undertaker, just for a little while, with his wrestling. The Undertaker realises that he won’t be able to pummel Angle at this moment in time, so what does he do? He wrestles too! That is one thing that I have really loved about ‘Taker over the years; his ability to adapt to any style that his opponent can throw at him.

After some back and forth wrestling between the two, The Undertaker finds an opening, and BAM! Right hand to the face of Angle! Angle is HURT, putting over The Undertaker,and making this match seem more legit, all at the same time. The Undertaker is in control now, and he seems to like it. He lays Angle across the apron, gives him a couple of elbow shots, and then when the referee asks him to get back in the ring, he smirks, and drops a leg drop!

The first (and only, thankfully) commercial break shows up, and when we come back, The Undertaker is still in control of Angle.

The first half (pretty much everything before the commercial break) was all about gaining the advantage, but this second half was all about action. Intense action. Awesome action.

Angle comes back, tries to put down The Undertaker with everything he has, including an Angle Slam! The Undertaker wants that WWE Title back badly though, so he isn’t going to be put away just yet. He comes back with some big moves of his own, including a Chokeslam! But, like ‘Taker, Angle isn’t going to be beat so easily, especially with the title on the line.

The last 5 minutes or so are epic, with Angle desperately trying to make The Undertaker tap out to the Ankle Lock, and The Undertaker trying his best to survive, and put Angle away. Angle counters a Last Ride, a Big Boot, a Leg Drop… everything The Undertaker threw at him, into an Ankle Lock. The Undertaker is no slouch though, as he shows us that he too can counter moves and lock in submission holds, as he counters the Ankle Lock on a number of occasions, into an arm bar, and also into a Triangle Choke, which very nearly wins him the belt!!!

The Undertaker sets up Angle for another Last Ride, but Brock Lesnar shows up, levels ‘Taker with a chair, and attacks Angle too.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the finish, this would be a ***** match. Yep, I’m upping my original rating from ****1/2 to ****3/4, and its VERY close to *****. Move over Owen/Bulldog, THIS is the greatest WWE TV Match of all time!

Rating: ****3/4

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