The Undertaker Vs Batista – Last Man Standing – Backlash 2007

Posted on: January 27th, 2011 by Big Cal
The Undertaker Vs Batista – World Heavyweight Title – Last Man Standing – Backlash 2007

For 2 PPV’s in a row now, The Undertaker Vs Batista is the main reason I watched the PPV and bought the DVD. Adding the Last Man Standing stipulation just increased my anticipation for the re-match :D.

At WrestleMania, it was Batista that charged at the Dead Man to start things off, but here its The Undertaker going straight for the challenger with a massive big boot to the face! Before, it was Batista who was the champion and the aggressor, now the tables have been turned and The Undertaker is making sure he is more aggressive.

Batista still shows that determination from WrestleMania, as he takes everything The Undertaker is throwing at him, and still coming back. He is even able to get The Undertaker down for a few seconds to start the first count of the match! Nice to see the story from WrestleMania continuing here.

Smart wrestling from The Undertaker here, targeting the leg of Batista that is heavily taped up, thanks to Finlay over the last few weeks (I made mention to it in my review of the tag match between Batista & The Undertaker Vs Finlay & Mr Kennedy).

The champion is looking dominant now, kicking Batista in the face a few times, and going for his signature leg drop across the apron.

More story continuation as Batista goes to the top rope, trying to pull out all the stops once again to hopefully beat The Undertaker, but this time he is stopped and its The Undertaker digging deep for a massive superplex!

I am personally a big fan of the Last Man Standing stipulation (when its not used every bloody week like it seems to be these days), but I do understand that some people don’t like it, because the match is essentially “spot, count, spot, count” until someone finally wins. This one, however, seems to be a little different to the standard Last Man Standing formula, in that all the spots are well built up from previous spots, and not just some random move to keep someone down.

It is also great how both men are constantly pulling out moves we don’t normally see from them; anything that can be used to wear down and beat their opponent.

The Animal gets busted open, and wasting no time, The Undertaker begins to pummel the open wound. He then sees an opportunity to not only get some revenge for WrestleMania, but also potentially keep Batista down, as he lays Batista across one of the announcer’s table, and comes flying off the guard rail with a leg drop! Great spot!

Tremendous drama with the 10 count following the table spot, as it didn’t simply come out of nowhere, it gradually built up to it, so it seemed believable for Batista to NOT get up.

Batista DOES get up though, and The Undertaker is pissed. In the ring, he goes for Snake Eyes, but it appears Batista has it scouted, as he reverses the big boot into a spear! Batista gets a second wind, and destroys The Undertaker with a Spinebuster! The Undertaker has been on the offence for the majority of the match though, and still had enough left in the tank to easily get up from the Spinebuster, so Batista sends him crashing into the mat with 2 more! This one is much closer to a 10 count, but the resilient and inhuman champion gets up again!

The 3 Spinebusters seems to have taken enough out of The Undertaker to put him even with Batista when it comes to punishment, so when he hits a Chokeslam, he is down on the mat for a few seconds too. Another sign that Batista learnt something from their WrestleMania match (the first was the Snake Eyes counter) when he does a role reversal, powerbombing The Undertaker out of the corner!

Things are REALLY starting to heat up now, with a steel chair getting involved, as it seems conventional moves aren’t going to do it here… for Batista at least. The Undertaker still hasn’t used the Tombstone, and since it was the move that won ‘Taker the title at WrestleMania, it only seems right that it end this match too!

Unfortunately for The Undertaker, it seems that conventional moves aren’t going to work for him either, as Batista manages to get up at the count of 9.

The fight goes to the top of the stage, where we see a back and forth brawl between these two behemoths! It looks like The Undertaker is going to Tombstone Batista off the stage, but The Animal manages to get off the shoulders of the Dead Man, and hits a spear! Both men go flying off the stage and crashing through the equipment below, and the referee makes a 10 count!

I’m not usually a fan of Last Man Standing matches ending in a draw, but it seemed perfect for this one. It showed that neither man could keep the other down for a 10 count on their own, making both look strong IMO. Plus it gave a good reason for another re-match, instead of the boring “I still want to beat you for the title” crap we usually get.

As far as last man standing matches go, this is probably my new favourite/best. HHH/Orton from No Mercy later in the year was indeed a tremendous match, but after sitting down and watching this again, I can honestly say its just that bit better. Incredible match, one that has literally got better with every viewing (WrestleMania gets better, but the rating stays the same. This has gone up every time I have seen it).

Rating: ****1/4

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