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Posted on: July 3rd, 2011 by Big Cal

Well, I was hoping to write this AFTER posted WWR from last week (a week late lol) and this week (on time), but it seems my internet is taking the piss out of me. Earlier my download speed was non existent basically, while my upload speed was fine. Now my download speed is back up to full and my upload speed is non existent, so I can’t get my videos uploaded just yet. So there ARE done, just sitting here now waiting until I can actually get them online.


But that isn’t the big video update I wanted to make. Once the two new videos go online, I will be taking a break from Weekly Wrestling Roundup videos for a little while. Basically, the first 25 episodes (a few “lost” episodes that haven’t been recorded yet included… though they will be seeing the light of day soon…) can be considered Season 1, and when I get back to doing them again, it’ll be Season 2. So I’ll probably stick to doing 25 episodes in a season and then taking a little break every time.


The reason I have decided to take a break from them for now is because of 2 things. The first is that I’m waiting on getting a new computer, which will make things go so much more smoothly both on the recording and editing side of things. Sometimes when I do these videos I’m having to record the entire thing 2 or 3 times (never know if the recorded footage is useless until its finished recording), and the editing process can take over 5 hours in total (when things went right for me, it would take me no longer than an hour usually). So I figured I’d save myself the hassle of doing a video every single week now until I get my new PC.


The second reason is simply the fact that I have a couple of other projects on the go that I would like to finally get done without always having to concentrate on WWR as well. I still have a Wrestling View video that I originally planned on posting in APRIL that needs to be scripted (again… scripted it once already but its horrible so I’m re-doing it), never mind recorded and edited lol. I also have some written projects that I would really like to get into and maybe finish too, and I’m also working on some big things for my 1 year anniversary in… September I think it is (maybe October… my memory kinda sucks lol). So yeah, I just wanna take a break from WWR so I can get other things organised and scripted and set up, and in a couple of months I’ll be back with WWR. In the mean time I will be posting a ton of written reviews, and I’ll try and get some other videos up as well (PPV predictions, Wrestling View etc).  I will also actually still be scripting WWR every week (I’m already watching the weekly shows, might as well write the script at the same time lol), just not recording and editing footage for them. When I finally return to doing the videos, I will do a special before the new season starts with all the “best” bits from the scripts I write, in a sort of “catch up” style video :).


And that’s about it. Hoping to get WWR Episodes 24 and 25 uploaded ASAP once my internet allows it, and then I’ll be spamming the hell out of my site with written reviews and the occasional video!

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