WWE Vengeance 2011 Thoughts & Predictions

Posted on: October 23rd, 2011 by Big Cal
So it occurs to me that WWE have a PPV on tonight, and since I’ve been lacking in written content for a while (not from a lack of it, just laziness when it comes to formatting it on this blog and posting it lol), I figured I’d post some thoughts and predictions.
Beth Phoenix Vs Eve – Divas Title

Beth and Natalya are on some weird rampage attempt, doing what they can to take out all the “barbie doll” divas. Only problem is they’ve been losing left right and fucking centre for the most part ever since the beginning of their “push”. Hell, it took them what, 2 months to finally take the belt from Kelly Kelly? And Eve beat Natalya a couple of weeks ago to gain a title shot against Beth. Not sure if we are supposed to see these two as a threat to the “barbie dolls” or not lol.

Anyway… I don’t give a shit about the match or who wins. I haven’t cared about the divas division since Trish, Lita and Mickie all left the company.

Prediction: Beth retains


Air Boom Vs Zig Zag Paddy Swagg – Tag Team Titles

Air Boom is a shit name, and a shit tag team too. Bourne is a talented wrestler, but Kofi is a jumping, botching, all around annoying wrestler that he brings down Bourne making the team in general a pile of shit. Ziggler and Swagger on the other hand, are both great and COULD be a really good tag team… if WWE gave a shit about tag teams. It seems that any time either Swagger or Ziggler gain momentum, they (the powers that be) take it away from them. Hell, both are former World Champions and it was quite possibly the worst time in their careers when they were champs. Swagger won it out of nowhere and did nothing with it, being booked like shit the entire time… and Dolph had it for about 15 minutes, serving no other purpose than to give Edge another pointless title reign that he didn’t need nor deserve.

Anywho… the match COULD be good. If, and only if, they make Bourne the FIP (and given some of the brutal attacks he’s had in recent weeks at the hands of Zig Zag Paddy Swagg, there is a good chance he will be) and work a nice old fashioned Southern Tag Formula match, then it has some potential. But this is WWE, and for some reason anything with potential gets fucked up the arse. So Either Kofi will play the FIP and do a shit job at it like he always does, or Kofi and Bourne will dominate the majority of the match letting the heels get as little in as possible.

Prediction – Zig Zag Paddy Swagg win the titles


Sheamus Vs Christian

They had a really fun match at… whatever the last PPV was (so many in such a short time I forget these things), but it was missing a little something. Mainly a control segment lol. With Sheamus being so big and powerful and being booked so strongly, its hard for someone “small” like Christian to really gain the upperhand in a match like this, even using heel tactics. It CAN be done, no doubt about it, but WWE are so fucking protective when it comes to certain guys that I’m doubting it will. I hope I’m wrong though, because a decent length match between these two could be really fucking boss.

Prediction – Sheamus


Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes

Guessing the IC title isn’t on the line, right? Kinda sucks, since a feud with a big main eventer like Orton would do wonders for the credibility of the IC title. Ah well. Feud has been pretty good, just a shame the start of it wasn’t fucking shown in full on TV except like, Australia or something stupid like that, so starting a feud based on something we didn’t get to see in full (fucking no blood policy…) is kinda retarded, but they’ve managed to get around it the best they can.

Not sure how good the match will be, since Orton these days only really works well with a select few guys, and Rhodes may or may not be one of them.

Prediction – Cody Rhodes, by DQ


Dolph Ziggler Vs Zack Ryder – United States Title

Poor Dolph has to work twice in one night… which is actually good for us fans because he’s a tremendous worker. Shame his opponent here is Zack Ryder. Shouldn’t he be defending his made up title on the internet instead?

Match might be ok, but I don’t put much stock in Zack’s in ring ability so it’ll probably only be good if Ziggler carries his arse.

Prediction – Dolph Ziggler (If Ryder wins the US Belt I’ll fucking scream)


Triple H & CM Punk Vs The Miz & R-Truth

Remember when Punk was the hottest thing in the company, working with Cena in the main event for the title and actually winning. Twice. Those were awesome times. SO WHY THE FUCK IS HE WORKING AGAINST MIZ AND TRUTH?

Punk will do what he can to make this match good, but fuck, I don’t don’t care. HHH is average at best, and Miz & Truth both suck. Truth especially. I’m expecting this feud to continue onto Survivor Series in which it’ll end in a traditional SS match. Then hopefully after that Punk can go back to working with main event talent again.

Prediction – Miz & Truth, probably through either shenanigans or miscommunication from HHH and Punk. Not clean, anyway.


Mark Henry Vs The Big Sh0w – World Heavyweight Championship

Henry has been on a role ever since his feud with Big Show leading into SummerSlam, and I don’t expect it to stop just yet. Keep this one short and it should end up sweet. Let them go full force for 10 minutes max with some crazy show of strength finish from Henry and all will be good.

Only problem I really have with this match is that The Undertaker is heavily rumoured to return at this PPV.. and for some reason Undertaker + Return = Henry way too fucking often, so I really fucking hope if Undertaker does indeed come back tonight he stays the fuck away from Henry. Main reason being is that they tend to have shitty matches, regardless of how great Undertaker is and even how good Henry is right now. Plus Henry isn’t the safest worker around and ‘Taker needs to be healthy for WM. And Henry probably wouldn’t win the feud either, which would suck because Undertaker doesn’t need the belt and Henry’s push doesn’t need to end just yet.

Prediction – Mark Henry


Alberto Del Rio Vs John Cena – Last Man Standing WWE Title

If any match NEEDS a Last Man Standing stip… its not this one. Seriously, where the fuck did it come from? Doesn’t help that they had like, 2 weeks to build to the match itself, but they announced the stipulation on the last Raw before the fucking PPV. How is ANYONE supposed to get excited for this?

Shit, mostly non existant feud between two wrestles that I really couldn’t care less for right now. Needless to say I don’t care about this match.

Prediction – Cena, because he needs another title reign dammit! (and yes, that was sarcasm…)

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