Belfast Bruiser Vs Steven Regal – Uncensored 24/03/1996

Posted on: February 14th, 2012 by Big Cal

Belfast Bruiser Vs Steven Regal – Uncensored 24/03/1996


Regal comes out with his most awesome theme ever (which I am now using in my videos lol). Just thought I’d mention it lol.

“One’s a Lord and the other’s a bruiser, and the bruiser is bruising on the Lord!”

Classic Dusty commentary.

I’m trying to think of a word to describe this match. Just one word. Ummm… oh yeah:


We all know what these guys are capable of, both in general and against each other, so even if you haven’t seen this match, you can kinda know what to expect. And it’s just as awesome as you would expect.

Nice of them to show the Spanish commentary team randomly during the match. So… why are they relegated to the back of the area and not next to the proper commentary team? WCW IS RACISTS~!

I mentioned the awesome little things that Finlay does in that last match with Armstrong, but Regal ain’t no slouch in that department either. Arguing with the ref all the while leaning on Finlay’s throat with his leg was awesome. You probably need to see it to understand what I mean though lol.

“IRELAND! IRELAND! IRELAND! What is that, 5 miles from London?”

More funny shit from Dusty… especially considering he just randomly starts shouting “IRELAND” for no real reason.

Regal gets busted open, but damn WCW 96 wouldn’t let us see it from up close, so the rest of the match is shown from further back lol. Fuck me though on HOW he got busted open. Finlay punched the SHIT out of Regal twice, and I think it was the second punch that did it. Either way, the punches are about as real, stiff and awesome as you could EVER hope to see in a wrestling match. I had to go back and watch those shots a couple more times.

After nearly 20 minutes of fan-fucking-tastic shit, we get a damn DQ ending when the rest of the Blue Bloods show up. Disappointed with the finish, but it doesn’t take ANYTHING away from the rest of the match. This is going on my list, and atm I’m considering a top 10 spot for it too.

Rating: ****1/4

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