Bobby Lashley Vs JBL – No Way Out February 19th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

Bobby Lashley Vs JBL – No Way Out February 19th 2006

Before the match, Finlay kidnaps Kristal backstage and brings her out to the ring because he is looking for a fight. Lashley comes out for the save, and they brawl. While this brawl is happening, JBL comes out to take advantage, but Lashley takes care of Finlay before Bradshaw can do anything.

So, since JBL couldn’t get in a 2 on 1 situation with Lashley to gain control… he sticks his thumb into Big Bob’s eye instead :p. Shame its going to take more than a thumb to beat Lashley!

Fun stuff on the outside with JBL trying everything he can to gain control, including using Jillian as a shield. Bobby is unstoppable though, and quickly begins to suplex JBL all over the place (belly to belly in the ring, stalling suplex in the ring that looked like it reaaaallllyyyy hurt lol).

Being a veteran, JBL eventually manages to find a way to turn the tide, and when he does, he gets a VERY loud “JBL Sucks” chant from the crowd. What an awesome heel he was lol.

Holy shit! JBL just hit a… a… a TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP! I’m fucking serious! JBL. Fat Bastard. Top Rope. Elbow Drop. I guess he realises that Lashley is one big powerful bastard and he needs to do everything in his power to put him away.

JBL’s simple but brutal offence is doing a great job of keeping the young rookie Lashley at bay, but Lashley’s power is always there for him to make numerous comeback attempts. We see more of JBL going for moves he probably wouldn’t and shouldn’t go for, in order to put his opponent down for good, but the power of Big Bob really makes an impact when he reverses a top rope move from Bradshaw into a powerslam, and so the big comeback begins!

Man I love suplexes. And I love Lashley’s suplexes. JBL probably hates them at this point though :p.

Hey, remember Finlay earlier? Well, he’s baaaaaaaaack! Throws the ring announcer in the ring which distracts the ref, then takes out Lashley allowing JBL to end the winning streak of Bob!

Definitely didn’t remember this match being good at all, but that’s one of the reasons I decided to go through the entire SD 2006. I got hold of all the shows for my collection, started watching a couple to see what they were like, and ended up falling in love with the roster and the matches. So I had to keep on going. This is just one of the MANY matches I would find to like that I wouldn’t expect to or didn’t remember doing so to begin with.

Rating: **1/2

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