What Happened on this Day When? #1

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014 by Big Cal

Stupid title, yes, but hey, I deal in crazy insane stupid posts so I’m just rolling with it!!!

So what DID happen on this day and when? Well, today is March 3rd, and on this day in 1997, Raw took place in Germany. For those knowledgeable wrestling fans you may remember this Raw as being the turning point in the WWF, as such low ratings finally forced Vince McMahon to hand over the reigns to Vince Russo and thus began the Attitude Era. But what a lot of people tend to forget about this show, is that despite the terribleness, there was one bright, shiny gem of a match that gets overlooked imo…

The British Bulldog Vs Owen Hart – European Championship Match

The fuck… HONKEY TONK MAN is on commentary? :lmao

Davey and Owen are the tag champs together, but over the last couple of months they’ve been teasing a breakup, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out here as they both wrestle to become the FIRST EVER European Champion!!!

LOVE the back and forth exchanges early on in this one. They flip around and counter each other and kip up and all that shizzle. Works very well for this match imo as both are friend and tag partners and want to prove to the other that THEY are the better man by potentially showing the other one up.

POWERBOMB~! Bulldog countered a Hurricanrana attempt into a pretty swank BOMB. Sends Owen to the outside, then holds the ropes for Owen to get back in because they are currently still friends.

Bulldog starts to build momentum, using his POWER now to prevent Owen from out wrestling him. Owen cheats just a teeeeeeny tiny bit to escape a hold, then sents Bulldog out and does the same celebration that Bulldog did earlier! Awesome. Owen then holds the ropes for Bulldog again just like Bulldog did earlier. They seem to still be on the same page… until Owen fakes a knee injury and attacks Davey Boy!!! And now it’s Owen’s time to shine!!! :mark:

What I love about this match is the fact that both men are HEELS, yet they are friends, family and tag team partners, so while they try to adhere to sportsmanship… they aren’t above cheating if it means winning. Because this match IS for the European title after all, and it’s the first NEW title created in the company since 1979 with the IC title!!! Which at least sort of explains why HTM would be on commentary given his history with the IC belt. That and he does a decent Stu Hart impression :cal:. Thankfully VINCE AND JR cover the match lol.

And on top of the HEEL schtick that they both try to “sneak” in, they put on a pretty swank WRESTLING match too.

TOMSBTONE POSITION COUNTERED INTO THE POWERSLAM!! OWEN KICKS OUT!!! Owen is too hurt to get back into the match though, and a rollup exchange ends with Bulldog becoming the first ever European Champion!!!

Yeah still love this a ton. Not as much as before, but atm I’m struggling to think of a better Raw match still, but mainly because I’m not as high on the main contenders in this category lol.

Rating: ****1/4


I wrote this in the early hours of the morning, because I don’t really sleep. And after sleeping and then thinking about it, plus a small conversation with someone else on the subject, there is a very good chance I wouldn’t still call this the greatest Raw match ever if I really put some effort into thinking about it lol. First let me say I am NOT that high on the infamous HHH/Austin Vs Benoit/Jericho tag from 01. It’s a match that usually always gets mentioned as being the greatest Raw match ever, and I just don’t like it THAT much. However matches like Cena/Punk from 2012, 123-Kid/Hart from 1994, numerous Shield tag bouts over the last year and a couple of others I’m likely forgetting, could all very well be in contention for greatest Raw match ever. One day maybe I’ll attempt such a gigantic project like this to truly find out which Raw match is the greatest for me, but until then this is certainly a major contender and I recommend everyone checks it out! The full Raw episode was released recently on the Raw 20th Anniversary 12 disc box set, and the match on it’s own was also released on the 15th Anniversary set, so it shouldn’t be hard to come by :).

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