Undertaker Month – Review a Day #15

Posted on: November 15th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Mankind – House Show 24/08/1996

This rare match takes place in Toronto, after SummerSlam, where Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker and helped Mankind get the win in the boiler room brawl match. What a crazy match stipulation that was, and hell, most of their matches were some weird gimmick, from Boiler Room Brawl to Hell in a Cell and even Buried Alive. But given their feud, and the kind of gimmicks the two of them had, there was always one match I thought they should have had but never did; a casket match. Well, guess what? This baby is a casket match! 😀

The Undertaker wastes no time in trying to cave Mankind’s face in while also trying to get his hands on Paul Bearer. After taking a bump onto the casket, Mankind goes to the outside to regroup, which seems to help as he is able to get the upper hand on the Dead Man once he drags him to the outside too.

The guys recording this match (and entire show) are fucking idiots, constantly complaining that they are hungry, and how this match is “shitty” despite only starting about 2 minutes ago.

Anyway, the match, which is what’s important, not the morons recording this thing lol. Mankind tries to put Undertaker in the casket early, but The Undertaker is still too strong at this point, and easily reverses Mankind into the casket instead! The lid doesn’t close yet though, so the match can continue.

It’s your typical Undertaker/Mankind match, with plenty of great brawling in between attempts to shove each other into the casket. They even go fighting into the crowd, and given the position of the people recording, we actually get to SEE it (making a house show recording more watchable than an ECW TV taping!!!). Chairs are used, and the fans literally swarm around both men and follow them everywhere they go.

Things finally end up back at ring side, where Undertaker decides to put half of Mankind into the casket and repeatedly close it. Maybe he forgot the rules? Or maybe he just wanted to make the bastard HURT :D.

LOL, Undertaker uses the ring steps at one point, and once he is done with them, a bunch of people come to the ringside area, grab the steps from the ring and place them back to where they should be! What if he wanted to use them again dammit?!?!

Just as it seems Undertaker is in firm control, the pain loving Mankind reverses a Tombstone attempt into a Mandible Claw, and rolls Undertaker into the casket one more time! He and Paul try to close the lid, but Undertaker is still breathing (or not, he IS the Dead Man after all 😛 ) and manages to escape.

Mankind puts a stop to Undertaker again, but decides to go to the top rope, only to be caught with a Chokeslam! One Tombstone later, and Mankind is placed in the casket and the lid shuts!

Really good match! The second (of 4 I believe) casket matches I have watched so far for Undertaker Month, and yet another good one! Not close to the level of the Ortons match, but for a House Show match, it’s really good. Better than a lot of TV/PPV ones lol, as tbh only a small handful are worth seeing. I guess the fact they don’t use the casket much and have a typical Undertaker/Mankind match is kinda what makes it good. The less time spent around trying to stuff the other in a small box the better lol.

Rating: ***1/4

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