Undertaker Month – Review a Day #20

Posted on: November 20th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Mark Henry – Unforgiven 16/09/2007

Well, this match unfortunately had to happen. Undertaker was injured a few months earlier during his title reign, and after going to another draw with Batista, was attacked by Mark Henry and put on the shelf. And with Khali as the champion going into this PPV, WWE needed to keep Undertaker occupied with someone on his return while Batista regained the World Championship so they could continue their title feud at the next event.

In terms of build-up and video packages for this feud and Undertaker’s return, it was pretty awesome. All the things they did with the druids showing up when Mark Henry was in the ring and whatnot was great, and the videos going to Death Valley to resurrect the Dead Man were fantastic. Don’t recall the match being anything close to fantastic though…

Still amazing to think that this match was the MAIN EVENT to the show. Then again, Khali/Batista/Mysterio and Orton/Cena didn’t exactly scream “classic” on paper either, so The Undertaker’s big return was definitely the way to go

Undertaker’s return entrance is pretty spectacular with the flames, the awesome lighting, the lightning, and a ton of smoke/fog. But the bell is about to ring, and I somehow doubt the word “spectacular” is going to come up in this review again…

The Dead Man is back, and pissed at Henry for taking him out, so he goes straight after the face with those massive right hands, hoping that one of them will cave in the skull of the self proclaimed World’s Strongest Man. Henry reverses Old School, and they battle on the ropes for what seems like a lifetime before Henry actually hits a fucking superplex. Mark Henry. Superplex. Good GOD!

Henry begins to dominate now, with Undertaker getting some big shots in every so often, only to be put down again mainly due to his intentions of killing Henry rather than beating him.

Gotta love JBL going VINATGE~! SummerSlam 1994 commentary by claiming that the crowd is DEAD because they are just in awe at Henry dominating The Undertaker. Somehow I just can’t believe that.

Henry does a decent job working over the ribs of The Undertaker to set up for the World’s Strongest Slam, but he’s just so fucking slow that it’s hard to get into. Undertaker even gets bored of Henry’s blatant resting by sitting up and picking up the pace as he makes a comeback. Massive Chokeslam to Henry (who legit bounces on impact lol), but it only gets The Undertaker a two count!

As Henry regains control again, he makes a dumb move of climbing the ropes with Undertaker in the corner, and gets a fucking HUGE and rather epic looking Last Ride for his troubles! 3 count and it’s over.

Well, it’s not a great match by any means. It’s just too fucking SLOW. Henry was slower here than I ever remember him being, and he was constantly taking rests in between his offence. And given his size, it limited The Undertaker’s offence too, and with all the factors mixed together, we got a rather slow, rather dull match. Wouldn’t call it fucking horrible or terrible or anything, but it sure as hell isn’t something I would choose to watch again.

Rating: *

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