Undertaker Month – Review a Day #22

Posted on: November 22nd, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Big Daddy V – WWE Smackdown 25/01/2008

The majority of the list of matches I came up with for Undertaker Month were matches that I had wanted to see for a while but never found the time to actually review them, or matches I wanted to re-watch again just for the hell of it. But as I get closer to finishing Undertaker Month, the matches on my list are mostly requests, as I got a little stuck with what I should watch. Just thought you should know that, as I probably could have gone the rest of my life without watching another Big Daddy V match 😛 (same goes for the Mark Henry match, as I sure as hell didn’t WANT to watch that again lol).

Whose idea was it for Big Daddy V to not wear a t-shirt? Seriously, who? And why?

Interesting to see Big Daddy V and The Undertaker, given their very long history together. Starting with King Mabel back in 1995 when they originally feuded, then in 1999 when The Undertaker turned him into Viscera and made him apart of The Ministry, and now feuding with him again in 2008 in his new persona of Big Daddy V. I gotta admit, I kinda liked Big Daddy V, even if his monstrous man tits are on display :P.

The Undertaker comes out of his corner throwing those big rights in the face of BDV, but the power of BDV comes into play pretty quickly, and even the all powerful Dead Man is taken down.

Gotta love The Undertaker screaming out as he tries desperately to pick up the big man by the arm to set up for Old School. Lifting up BDV is no easy task lol. The match is very much back and forth here, with BDV using his weight and power to knock down The Undertaker, and The Undertaker using those big strikes and his veteran skills to keep the big man at bay.

Very surprised by the pace this match has set so far. It hasn’t slowed down at all yet! I guess being back and forth action is what’s helping it keep a faster pace, as no doubt BDV with a control segment would be incredibly slow.

A Chokeslam from Undertaker looks to end the match, but Big Daddy V kicks out! A massive Black Hole like slam buts BDV in control, as Undertaker tries to fight back. He attempts a triangle choke, but BDV is too big for it, so he is forced to evolve his moveset and he locks in the Hells Gate for the first time, causing BDV to not only tap out, but bleed from the mouth! This move it put over like death with BDV bleeding from the mouth, and even Mark Henry coming out to help his sort of tag partner at the time, yelling at The Undertaker claiming he has gone too far. Awesome way to debut a new submission hold for The Undertaker tbh.

Well, I am pleasantly surprised with this match. It’s kept relatively short, and the pace doesn’t slow down much at all, and the finish is really good. Couldn’t really ask for more with a Big Daddy V match.

Rating: **

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