Update on this weeks Wrestling View Video

Posted on: December 7th, 2010 by Big Cal

For anyone following my Twitter account, you will know that I have a bunch of problems with uploading videos this week. My internet connection has been horrible, so it took me about 2 days to get the videos online, and then when I finally did, for some reason Blip claimed there was a conversion error, and because I don’t have a premium account or whatever with them, I can’t get them to re-convert it or anything.

The thing is though, the video didn’t need converting. Blip now converts uploaded videos to M4V format, unless you upload an M4V format yourself… which is what I usually do, and did in this instance. So for some reason Blip tried to convert a file that didn’t need converting, and screwed up along the way.

So, instead of trying to re-upload it, I just attempted to upload Weekly Wrestling Roundup Episode 4, which ended up being a day late, but got done. My reason for this is that WWR is a show based on the previous week in wrestling, and getting it up any later wouldn’t be very good as a new week in wrestling would have started and might get confusing, or cause people to kinda forget the previous week lol.

As far as the Wrestling View video goes, I will try and get it uploaded again for next week. After that, I will only be doing one more video this year, and that will be an end of year special, and then from 2011 I will probably cut down on the amount of Wrestling View videos I do, and concentrate more on getting Weekly Wrestling Roundup done and uploaded on time :). Plus the less WV videos I do, the more unlikely it is that I run out of ideas lol. And with more time to do them, I might be able to make them better with maybe some more scripting (right now I just have notes and wing it) and being more adventurous with editing (or at least as much as my crappy PC will allow lol).

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