Big Cal Reviews: Sting Vs Vader Feud (part 1 of 4)

Posted on: June 3rd, 2011 by Big Cal

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of my Top 100 WWF/E Matches Ever. I was able to come up with that list after a little over a year of watching, reviewing and talking about as many WWF/E matches as I possibly could. Now I’m doing it all over again… but for WCW! I’ve already watched a LOT of stuff and got a small list together, and figured I’d start posting some of the reviews on here for everyone to see, so you can understand my top 100 list a little better when I post it, unlike my WWF/E list which was pretty much finished up before I opened this site lol. So, to get things rolling… here are my reviews for a bunch of matches relating to the epic Sting Vs Vader feud from the early 90’s!


Sting vs Vader (Power Hour, 15/2/1992)

Vader is his usual cocky self at the beginning, claiming that Sting can’t move him. He then proceeds to pummel Sting for a moment before Sting fired back and levels him with a clothesline! Vader rolls out and Sting follows, which ends up being a mistake as Vader crushes him right in front of a group of little kids who are no doubt Sting fans. LOL. I hope they cried.

The better part of this match is what you would expect; plenty of Vader demolishing his opponent. I don’t think I could tire of Vader killing people. Sting goes for a scoop slam near the end of the match, but Vader just stands there and doesn’t move, then grabs Sting for a suplex to show his power, only to be reversed and gets launched by Sting and a German Suplex!!!

The match ends up on the outside, where Vader runs into the ring post and Sting gets back in the ring to win via countout.

Short sub 10 minute TV match, but really good and a nice taste of what is to come later on from these two.

Rating: **3/4

Sting – Vader confrontation (Power Hour, 21/3/1992)

After a Sting match, Vader comes in to kill Sting. Sting uses a chair on Vader who just looks at Sting as if he was stupid. Sting runs up the ropes and dives off, only to get caught in a powerslam and then a splash. Man, if Vader killing someone as overrated as Sting doesn’t make you a fan of the guy, then you should just die now because your life isn’t going to get any better. MOAR destruction of Sting, including a spash from the second rope, before the babyface locker room empties to make the save. Figured I’d talk about all the non matches on this set too as I’m sure they all have implications on future matches and shit. There is also an interview the week later that isn’t listed but rather thrown onto the end of this beat down segment. Vader just tells Sting that he fears no man and feels no pain, but Sting will experience pain when they get into the ring next time.


Vader vs Marcus Bagwell (Power Hour, 18/4/1992)

BUFF do do do do do do DADDY!

Yeah, Vader kills the kid. I don’t think ANYONE (and if anyone else can think of an answer other than Vader for this, please, pleeease tell me) can have squash matches as good as Vader. His offence is just so amazing during them that instead of a low rating like “1/4*” for them like I have done so many times in the past for various squash matches, Vader can have * squash matches or better. Maybe I’m biased, but man, Vader killing anyone for 2 minutes is greater than most current main eventers PPV matches.

Oh, and Jesse singing on Commentary after Vader sets him up for a second rope splash:

“Bye bye Roookie, so long rooooookie”

After the match Sting comes out to save Bagwell from more pain, and Vader challenges Sting to get in the ring. Vader jumps him the moment he gets in there, but Sting fights back and actually sends Vader packing!

Rating: *

Sting Interview (WCWSN, 27/6/1992)

Not just one interview here, but multiple from Sting over a couple of weeks. Nothing worth noting. He just talks about how he knows Vader is a threat but he isn’t letting his little Stingers down.


Sting vs Vader (Great American Bash, 12/7/1992)

Vader starts things off by clubbing Sting in the corner over and over again despite the referee’s attempt to get him out lol. Sting runs into Vader with a clothesline and just bounces off.

But the World Champ isn’t going to give up, and after missing a Vader Splash in the corner, Sting hits a missive back suplex, then follows up with a couple of clotheslines, with the second sending Vader over the ropes! Vader may be big and powerful, but Sting is establishing himself as the World Champion who can perhaps beat anyone put in front of him.

Sting keeps his advantage for a little while, and throws Vader around with some right hands, a dropkick, and a huge suplex from the apron to the inside! Vader doesn’t seem to understand what is going on, because he is supposed to be the big powerful monster, yet he is getting bounced around!

Its not his strength that finally puts the big man in the driving seat, but his weight. Sting goes for a sunset flip, Vader sits on him, and the champ is in real trouble!

Interesting to see Vader completely change his game plan from trying to pummel Sting at the start of the match (which didn’t go as well as he planned) to grounding him and even locking in Sting’s own Scorpion Death Lock! Then when Sting is in trouble, Vader can afford to go back to what brought him to the dance; power and brutal, stiff shots.

Sting’s comeback is ok, nothing spectacular, but nice and focused with shots to the head, and then a great display of power with a Samoan Drop and then a German Suplex! Had the referee not been knocked down by Sting just before the German, Vader might have been beat!!!

:lmao at Sting. He goes for a Stinger Splash, but Vader is bent over backwards in the corner (LOL). Sting flies in for the splash… and goes head first into ring post, causing him to be almost knocked out as well as bleeding. Vader then powerbombs Sting to finish him off, and we have a NEW champion!

Good match here. Nothing amazing, but still good and worth everyone’s time to watch. Sting hitting the ring post was kinda retarded though, made Sting look stupid in defeat because he knocked himself out from doing his signature move :p.

Rating: ***1/4

Sting Interview (WCWSN, 25/7/1992)

He’s just lost the world title, so hey, let’s talk to him! He makes excuses as to why he’s so stupid as to hit his head on the ring post going for his signature move that he’s hit a billion times before. Aside from trying to not make himself look stupid (and failing tbh), he does a good job of explaining the rest of the match and whatnot, and makes me want to see a rematch reaaal bad.


Sting, Steiners & Ivan Koloff vs Vader, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts & Super Invader (2/9/1992)

Elimination style baby!

Any match with Vader getting overhead belly to belly suplexed deserves to be considered for my top 100 :p.

Rick and Scott dominate for a little while, taking out Vader then Super Invader, before Rude makes a blind take and decks Scotty Steiner and brings control to his team. There isn’t a lengthy FIP segment from Scott, which I guess is ok right now as its elimination rules and with 8 minutes left nobody has been eliminated yet lol.

Oh hey, Koloff is in the match. Oh hey, Koloff gets eliminated. LOL. Thanks for coming Ivan.

Sting gets revenge by eliminating Super Invader less than a minute later. That’s it, get the trash out of the way so we can have a decent match.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT at the German from Rick to Vader. I’m not sure if Vader even jumped on that one; Steiner just fucking THREW him and he went flying. I’ve seen Rey take German’s with less air time that THAT.

With some of the dead weight gone, Rick Steiner takes a beating for a couple of minutes which is probably about as long as you are gonna get for a control segment in this match given the time it’s got and the amount of people in there needing to be eliminated.

Scott Steiner gets eliminated in the most BULLSHIT way… DQ’d for coming off the top rope. But at least it was during a Doomsday Device attempt (on VADER).

With just a few minutes left things get crazy and Sting ends up being the last man on his team. Vader gets DQ’s for coming off the top rope too (my god what a dumb fucking rule), where he crushes Sting AND Rude (by accident), leaving Jake alone to DDT Sting for the win!

Was hoping for more here, but they didn’t get enough time given all the men involved, which lead to some shitty eliminations and more craziness than good old TAG~! Action. Still can’t complain too much, it was boatloads of fun.

Rating: **1/2

Sting & Ron Simmons vs. Vader & Rick Rude (WCWSN, 5/12/1992)

So this match is to build to Starrcade, where Rude will face Simmons for the belt and Vader will take on Sting again.

Some real nice exchanges between Rude and Simmons in the early going. The spot where Simmons goes for a clothesline that probably had all of his power behind, and Rude ducks and looks like he just escaped death is awesome. Nice way to set up the whole power game of Simmons vs the quickness of Rude leading into the PPV match.

Once Rude tags out, it looks like we might get Vader Vs Simmons… but nope; Simmons tags out straight away to let Sting get him some of his Starrcade opponent, which leads to some even better exchanges between Sting and Vader. Nice that we are getting to see 2 separate matches here but also a little odd to give so much away just before a PPV rather than keeping everyone away from their Starrcade opponent and then building to 2 of them getting in the ring at the same time.

After some Starrcade teasers and shit, Sting takes a turn at being the FIP and Vader and Rude do a great job of wearing him down, while Sting sticks to selling the beating for a while rather than trying to body press slam everyone in sight over and over again lol.

Luckily Sting makes a hot tag to Simmons rather than making a giant comeback himself (I HATE Sting’s comebacks btw), and Simmons charging in and levelling Vader with clotheslines is awesome.

Nice finish with Rude getting a big win going into the PPV, but through cheating so Simmons doesn’t look weak. Great stuff here.

Rating: ***1/4

Video Package (WCWSN, 19/12/1992)

Just a video package going back to February where the feud started, and showing everything that happened between them. Not a video masterpiece like we see today, but it showed all the important shit that you need to see.


Sting vs Vader (Starrcade, 28/12/1992)

This match is to decide the King of Cable. Ummm… the fuck is that? :p

Sting tries to gain the early advantage, but ends up either being as effective as The Rock trying to entertaining me or just gets run over by Vader. But one rolling kick from Sting takes Vader down finally, and Sting keeps the momentum going by knocking him down a few more times, sending him to the outside and diving over the ropes to get to him. Nice burst of offence from the Stinger as he tries to keep the big man down.

We then get some, well, heel hope spots I guess is the best way to describe them lol, with Vader cutting Sting off, then losing the advantage again, then cutting Sting off again before getting DDT’d into the mat or something as Sting remains in control. Vader doesn’t know what to think or even what to do, so he goes to the outside to take a break, and it pays off as Sting follows him, goes for a Stinger Splash and as usual, he flies ribs first into the guardrail. How many times does he do that lol? I know plenty of guys have a particular way of setting up their own FIP segment, but I gotta say, I kinda hate Sting’s lol. Just another thing I can’t stand when it comes to the guy.

So with Sting hurt, it’s time for Vader to go all VADER~! on Sting. Monstrous clotheslines, epic rights and lefts, and plenty of splashes too.

Speaking of rights and lefts, around 15 minutes in Vader turns the match into a boxing match, and good god does he ever cave the shit out of Sting’s face. Perhaps the best example of Vader being a great puncher.

Sting takes all the punches like a champ, and similar to the Steamboat match from ’93, Sting seems to be taking the “Rocky” approach to fighting the bigger, stronger opponent. Sure, it’s not as good as when Steamboat did it, but considering my contempt for Sting it’s still a really great part of the match.

Finish sees Sting catch Vader coming off the ropes into a powerslam for the 3 count. Not really a fan of the ending tbh, but the rest of the match was great. Definitely better than their GAB match, and should stay on my list. Might drop as I watch more stuff, but it’s likely to remain.

Rating: ***3/4

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