Big Cal Reviews: Sting Vs Vader Feud (part 2 of 4)

Posted on: June 4th, 2011 by Big Cal

Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs Vader, Barry Windham & Paul Orndorff – Clash of the Champions XXII 13/01/1993


Starts off with Windham and Rhodes going at it, and we get some ok stuff from them, but it’s just there to start the match off really. Sting tags in and starts Press Slamming Windham, so Vader tags himself in and almost dares Sting to come at him and try to press slam HIM.

Some nice stuff between Sting and Vader, which is obviously the focal point of the match anyway, with Vader being champ and hating Sting and all. Some nice face caving blows from Vader, and Sting even goes nuts in the corner beating the shit out of Vader.

Wait… did Vader just… yeah, he did. Vader just did that turnbuckle bump that Flair does. And he landed on the apron and when Sting came charging towards him, levelled him with a belly splash thing. And then does the belly splash thing off the ropes. DIE STING!!! :p

With Sting down and hurting, the heels go to work on him to try and win the match. Sting takes the beating very well, but I’m basically expecting him to superman up any time now…

More awesomeness from Vader, setting Sting up for a press slam, but instead of dropping him down like normal, Vader launches the Stinger in the air and catching him with a shot to the ribs! Take THAT, you press slamming cunt!

Dustin gets the hot tag, and while he’s all fired up and taking out everyone, Cactus Jack shows up and gets in the cage to gain revenge for something I probably should already know about but never did get around to watching that Orndorff/Cactus match…

Apparently Cactus is now legally part of Sting and Dustin’s team… because he gets the win lol.

This, was fun. And good. Pointless being in a cage because it didn’t come into play once… it was just a small obstacle for Cactus to overcome to get into the match lol. But anyway, yeah, this was good, and I was VERY surprised that Sting didn’t superman up at any time! He took a great beating, sold it well, made the tag finally and didn’t jump back into the action like nothing happened. Vader was awesome too, and Dustin/Windham were solid too. Orndorff was… well he was there for the finish.

Rating: ***1/4

Sting Interview Saturday Night – 23/01/1993

Lol, thought this was a repeat of an interview on disc 1, as he was making his excuses again as to why he was a retard at the end of GAB. But then they talk about the rematch at Starrcade so it’s obviously not a repeat lol.


Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs Vader & Barry Windham – Saturday Night 30/01/1993

This has potential to be pretty awesome.

Sting and Windham lock up, and Sting backs Windham into a corner and breaks nice and clean. They lock up again, and Windham backs Sting into a corner and breaks nice and cle… PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE. Lol. He gets his though, when Sting fires back and tags in Dustin too, and both men beat the hell out of Windham until the World Champ gets in and KILLS Dustin DEAD.

Nice tag work from Vader and Windham as they totally destroy poor Dustin. All of his little comeback attempts are nicely done and not all superman like Sting tends to do (man, I should leave Sting alone for a change lol…).

Sting gets the hot tag and all hell breaks loose! Dustin and Race end up getting into it on the outside while Vader charges in and helps Windham take down Sting, then goes to save his manager from that evil Dustin Rhodes who no doubt attacked him for no reason!

Vader and Windham don’t care about the win though, as they end up getting DQ’d when Windham and Race hold Sting for Vader to whip him with the leather strap that will be used in their upcoming PPV bout!

Awesome stuff, just a great tag match. Sure, the end is a DQ but nobody NEEDED the win here as it was mainly about further building the Sting/Vader feud, so I liked the finish. Yet another match I could easily add to my list if I don’t manage to find 100 matches lol.

Rating: ***1/4


Sting & Ron Simmons vs Vader & Paul Orndorff – Worldwide 07/02/1993

Vader and Orndorff want to take out Sting and Simmons before they can get in the ring, but Simmons ain’t having none of it, and picks up the steel steps ready to level anyone who gets in his way.

Basic power stuff from Simmons in the beginning, but the crowd are behind him anyway. He makes Orndorff look like a little bitch, then tags in Sting as Vader gets tagged in, but not before hitting a huge Spinebuster on Vader, just because he can lol.

Sting shows his power on Vader too, hitting a suplex, then tags Simmons back in, and the match takes a turn for the worst for the babyfaces as Simmons runs shoulder first into the turnbuckle and the heels behind to pick it apart.

With the match not having all that much time, Simmons doesn’t play the FIP for long before Sting gets the hot tag and goes back to powering Vader around. Unfortunately while this is happening, Simmons gets a piledriver on the floor, and the match ends in a DQ once again when the leather stap comes into play! This time though, Sting is ready for it and uses it himself on Race before Vader makes the save and proceeds to hang Sting with the strap.

Another nice tag match, shorter than the previous one and not nearly as good, but a fun and solid match nonetheless.

Rating: **1/4


White Castle of Fear Mini-Movie

LMFAO, how could I NOT talk about this? Probably not as well known as the Beach Blast movie, but it’s just as hilarious… and unbelievably WEIRD. A bunch of women in a cave, a midget with an eye patch… and Sting still wearing his sunglasses. Vader brought him to “play the game”… which is a tug of war with a leather strap over some fire… which eventually just breaks the strap just as Sting is about to DIE. I’m not making this up either. IT EXISTED DAMMIT!


Sting vs Vader – SuperBrawl III 21/02/1993

Lights Out Non Sanctioned Strap Match. Not sure what the “lights out” part is though. Oh, and its NON TITLE as well.

Vader comes out with a fucking barbarian robe thing (barbarian robe…. “playing the game” at White Castle… hmmm…) and he truly looks the MAN.

Match starts off really well, with Vader getting into Sting’s head by easily controlling Sting with the strap, all the while Sting is unable to do anything to Vader. But then it’s way too early imo when Sting fires back and just starts to run through Vader likes he’s nothing for about 5 minutes straight, and even attempts to touch all 4 corners… from the OUTSIDE which is even more retarded than Sting not being able to hit his finishing move right at GAB.

Thankfully though Vader DOES get another chance to pummel the shit out of Sting, and the match takes a turn for the better. I know I don’t like Sting, and I TRY to be unbiased in his matches so I don’t hate on them for simply having him in them, but good god Sting is awful on offence half the time, and the other half he’s just downright retarded with what he does lol. Makes it even worse when the formula against a guy like Vader is so easy; let him pummel the shit out of you, sell as well as you can, get in some hope spots, and then make the big comeback and go into the finish. Hell, it’s a basic match formula for anyone. And while I love when people change shit up, Sting’s just horrible at it because what he changes ends up sucking.

Ok, enough ranting on Sting, back to the match. Luckily things are sticking to a nice basic formula, and with Vader’s offence it can make a match against anyone at the very least GOOD. Sting sells, gets in the hope spots… so yeah, god knows why he had to go on a retard spree 5 or so minutes ago…

Vader keeps wearing down Sting, going for the win a few times but the Stinger is always managing to break it, and so Vader goes back to pummelling him. After a while, Sting sees an opportunity to use Vader’s momentum against him, so when Vader pulls Sting towards him, Sting makes sure to fly towards the champ with his foot colliding with Vader’s face!

Sting uses this chance to fire back one more time, and gets the big man up onto his shoulders, and hits 3 turnbuckles! The ref is knocked down at some point though, and Sting trips over him on his way to the 4th turnbuckle! LOL, no win for you Stinger!

In the end, Vader’s size and power get him the win.

Aside from Sting’s pure retardedness at points in the match, this was really good. Probably on par with their GAB match, and definitely a step below their Starrcade match that remains their best match together so far.

Rating: ***1/4


Masters of the Powerbomb Press Conference

Another cheesy movie like segment WCW put together during this time, showing the union of Sid and Vader as the Masters of the Powerbomb, and giving Sting and Bulldog the chance to retire before the Powerbomb them to hell or something.


Sting, Bulldog & Dustin Rhodes Interview – 12/06/1993

Basically just these 3 men not wanting to retire at the request of Sid and Vader.

Big Van Vader, Sid Vicious, & Rick Rude Vs Dustin Rhodes, Sting, & Davey Boy Smith – Clash of the Champions XXIII 16/06/1993

Sting goes all “babyface shine” at the start of the match, taking it to Rude. He picks him up and throws him into Vader and Sid who catch him and throw him back, but Sting moves! Rude is launched back onto the mat, and about 20 seconds later ends up accidentally getting splashed by Vader too!

Sid then comes in to take a turn at looking foolish, taking a shot to the groin and a couple of clotheslines lol.

He quickly takes out and Vader ends up in the ring with Dustin… and Dustin pummels VADER in the corner! Holy shit! Holy shit again at a suplex to Vader!

Awesome seeing the babyfaces this fired up and hitting some great offence too. The heels, especially Vader and Sid, do a wonderful job of taking it all despite being much bigger.

One massive clothesline from the world champ turns the tide though, and Dustin finds himself on the worse end of a beating. With Dustin down and hurt, Rude wants a tag so he can get him some of his current nemesis.

Dustin continues to take a beating from all 3 of his opponents, but gets a great hope spot with a powerslam on Vader who was coming off the top rope! He keeps the momentum going by countering a Tombstone attempt from Rude, and makes the tag to Sting but the referee doesn’t see it!

Sting and Davey Boy decide “fuck it” and come into the ring anyway to go after the Masters of the Powerbomb, but it doesn’t go well. Sting splashes himself into the guardrail, Sid takes care of Davey, and Vader knocks Dustin out with Rude’s briefcase for the win!

Mega fun 6 man that seems way shorter than it actually is. Won’t throw a vote its way, but it was great to watch.

Rating: ***


Masters of the Powerbomb Interview – Saturday Night 19/06/1993

They are begging for Sting and Bulldog to retire once again before they hurt them.


Beach Blast Mini-Movie

Some pretty terrific acting here, especially from Bulldog. Him running through the water was top notch too, but not as great as the reaction from the people on the beach who think Sting and Bulldog have been blown up. Awful, truly awful all the way, but funny as FUCK. Why WCW thought this was a good idea I will never know.


Vader & Sid vs Larry Santo & Todd Zane – Saturday Night – 03/07/1993

Masters of the Powerbomb in a squash match? Awesome :D.

Wow, definitely didn’t expect THIS. Santo and Zane find an opening and just go to town on Vader, and then turn their attention to Sid, forcing the Masters of the Powerbomb to back away and lose via countout!

:lmao as if. Santo and Zane get destroyed. Fun.

Rating: *


Sting & British Bulldog vs. Rip Rogers & Gary Nations – Saturday Night 10/07/1993

Well, the heels got their chance for a squash, best gives the faces their chance to shine too.

Lol, Nations and Rogers both look fucking HUGE (tall)! Guess the heels get two small guys to look more evil and bully-ish, while the babyfaces get to look more impressive by beating 2 guys bigger than them. Not fair! Vader and Sid should Powerbomb whoever booked this shit! :p

Not as good or as fun at the MOTP squash.

Rating: 1/4*


Sid Interview – 17/07/1993

Just some build up to the Beach Blast tag match.

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