Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley Vs Randy orton, JBL & Finlay – Smackdown February 24th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley Vs Randy orton, JBL & Finlay – Smackdown February 24th 2006

Oooo, an opportunity for some Finlay Vs Angle & rey, and more Finlay Vs Benoit?. I like.

This is the week after NWO, where Orton screwed Rey out of his WM Title match, but Teddy Long added Rey to the match anyway. Rey is still pissed with Orton for saying those things about Eddie, and cheating him out of the win, while Orton is pissed at Rey for getting added back into the WM match. They start things off, and it seems that Rey is out for blood, so Orton tags in Finlay.

Rey, just as smart as Orton, tags out too, and in comes Lashley to face off with the Irish Bastard. Commercial break, and when we comeback, its JBL and Benoit for about 5 seconds before Lashley gets tagged in. At NWO, Lashley had his first loss against JBL, thanks to Finlay, so he just wants to get at both of them. Lashley, while green as heel, does a nice job of using his power without it getting too much into “Angle suplex” territory lol.

Before I know it, somehow Rey and Finlay are in the match instead lol, and Rey seems to be taking the first real heel beat down of the match. He gets a couple of hope spots, but is stopped pretty quickly. The one with Finlay on the outside is pretty awesome btw.

I’m starting to see a lot of similarities between SD 06 and Raw 04, as they have a mix of really good singles matches, and plenty of big tag matches with the top stars and mid carders. Raw 04 seems to maybe have the advantage with the tag matches being better quality, but honestly these ones seem to be more fun to watch that Raw 04. Obviously I need to fully watch both years before I can say which is better, but so far I think its safe to say SD 06 is just as underrated at Raw 04 seems to be outside of this forum.

After a nice FIP segment by Rey, the hot tag to Benoit finally comes, and things get put into a high gear. Lashley and Finlay end up brawling on the outside, as do Rey and Orton. Meanwhile, JBL is setting up Benoit for the CFH, but it gets countered into the Crossface! JBL fights as much as he can, but Finlay interrupts and pays for it.

Now its JBL and Benoit on the outside, and Benoit pays back JBL for what he did to him last week in that tag match, but smashing the steel steeps right into JBL’s hand! Rey capitalises, and the faces get the win.

This may have been the only match worth seeing this week, but it made up for that by being pretty great. Rey plays a great FIP, Lashley uses his power the way he should, and Benoit is just Benoit. All the heels work great together, and the 3 feuds all entwined in the match are nicely worked too.

Rating: ***1/4

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