WrestleMania 25

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by Big Cal

WM 25

The 25th Anniversary of WM! Except it was only the 24th Anniversary of WM. Why are WWE so fucking retarded when it comes to shit like this lol?

Match 1 – CM Punk Vs Mark Henry Vs MVP Vs Finlay Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Christian Vs Kane – Mark Henry in a MITB ladder match. Makes me mark out so damn much. He should win one this year. Imagine a guy like Henry with the briefcase? Man, what a line up for this match. Replace Kofi for someone good and this would be the best on paper ever. Christian is over like fuck in this match. Why Vince doesn’t do more with him baffles me. Henry and Kane climbing a ladder together and battling it out is certainly a sight to see. Shame Henry only got about 3 steps up lol. Everyone else in the match jump in and try to get rid of the 2 monsters from the match. Wise decision. With the 2 monsters down, everyone climbs the ladders… only for Kane and Henry to come back in and knock both ladders down, and again the match is left to Kane and Henry! LOL, Henry nearly murders a referee by launching a ladder to the outside. HOLY SHIT at Shelton’s dive off the ladder. A big spot like that has been missing for the most part since… well since the first MITB match tbh. Oh man at them teasing Henry going to the ropes. Kofi may be a useless shite 99.9% of the time, but at least here he is able to come up with some UNIQUE ladder spots, something that is very hard to do this day and age because there have been so many damn ladder matches and everything has been done lol. Climbing the ladder while Henry is holding it up was great. Shame Henry didn’t quite catch Kofi the way he wanted, but still, catching him for a WSS on the ladder was awesome. Tons of great spots throughout this match, and I remember a bunch of people complaining about all the botches and shit. Uhhh… there’s Henry not catching Kofi the way he wanted to earlier… and the sunset flip powerbomb Shelton tries on MVP. And THAT’S IT. The Killswitch off the ladder wasn’t even close to being botched btw. Oh fuck, the ovation for Christian when he knocks Shelton off the ladder and bounces himself back up is immense. And yet WWE didn’t think he was popular enough of anything to give a real push to beyond dominating ECW in 09. Punk and Kane end up being the last 2 on the ladder, and after numerous kicks to Kane, Punk is left all alone and wins the MITB match two years in a row! Kinda sucked at the time to have someone win back to back, but fuck, what they did with it was awesome so all is forgiven! Love this match. Far better than the last few MITB matches for sure. Great bunch of guys involved, some epic spots, and plenty of UNIQUE spots too. Underrated it seems. ***3/4.

Match 2 – Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal – Oh man what a fuck up this was. They had some shitty 10 minute Kid Rock concert while the divas made their entrances, so we didn’t know who the fuck was coming in/returning etc. And to top it all off, they couldn’t get the rights to Kid Rock’s concert for the DVD so the match literally starts with everyone already in the ring. Not watching this shite, especially since it’s won by a MAN. NO.

Match 3 – Chris Jericho Vs Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper & Ricky Steamboat – Loved the build for this one. Especially with Flair getting CUT, because WWE had banned blood a while back and this was the first time we’d seen any for a while. Really put the angle over. Shame they had to revolve this whole match around The Wrestler movie, because fuck, that sucked balls. Just watched the Steamboat documentary last night too, so I’m excited to see this match again. Piper starts things off, and he does fine considering his age and everything that’s happened to him health wise. He throws big punches, and even puts on a show for WM by hitting things like a drop kick and sunset flip! The only bad legend in this match is Snuka, who even in his prime was pretty fucking terrible based on what I’ve seen lol. And of course STEAMBOAT is the fucking man in this match. I remember absolutely losing my shit when he starting throwing out armdrags. Guy looked tremendous considering he had to retire in 1994. Snuka goes out first and fairly quickly, so we don’t have to put up with his shite for long. Piper is gone shortly after, but at least he looked good. But ah well, this just means we are left with STEAMBOAT who looks like he never stopped wrestling for a day in his life. Awesome stuff between Steamboat and Jericho, with Steamboat flying around just like he did back in the day, countering a ton of stuff that Jericho throws at him, and really makes us believe that he can win. He ends up taking a codebreaker though, and Jericho is victorious. Whole match just makes me smile. Steamboat still rules the world. ***.

Match 4 – Jeff Hardy Vs Matt Hardy – Oh WWE, what were you doing? So Christian was ready to return, and it was pretty much set that he was gonna be the guy screwing up Jeff’s life all this time. But because everyone KNEW it was going to happen and WANTED it to happen, Vince decided to not give us what we want and throw Matt into the situation instead, and we end up with a feud about Matt killing Jeff’s dog. LMAO at Lawler defending Matt for killing Jeff’s dog. DEFENDING MATT FOR KILLING HIS BROTHER’S DOG. But terrible build aside, this is one hell of a fucking fight! They really put over the personal hate from the feud by trying to murder each other. Battering each other with a variety of weapons, including a fucking HOOVER. Had to laugh at JR talking about all the great TLC matches they’ve teamed up and WON at WM. Uhhh Jim, they only had ONE TLC match at WM. And they didn’t win. In fact I don’t think either of them has ever won a TLC match lol. Definitely think this match is pretty underrated. It’s fucking awesome. Great spots, a real sense of HATE, and an awesome fucking finish with MATT going over! Everyone go re-watch this bad boy! ***1/2.

Match 5 – John Bradshaw Layfield Vs Rey Mysterio – IC title match! Rey wins in seconds. JBL retires. For the second time. Against Rey. And Rey is dressed like a tit. DUD.

Match 6 – The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels – I think I have died and gone to heaven, because The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are about to have a match together for the first time since 1998 :D. The build up was awesome. Every segment involving these 2 men was just so incredible to watch. Shawn dressing up as a white Undertaker, getting the better of ‘Taker on numerous occasions, and going to the graveyard made for great TV. The Undertaker getting the opportunity to talk more than he has in over 5 years was incredible. Shawn coming down from… wherever he came from… dressed all in white was awesome. The Undertaker rising up from under the stage was awesome. Building this feud up around the light and darkness I think was creative, and was done in a way that didn’t seem cheesy at all, like some ‘Taker storylines can end up being. The atmosphere in my living room with just me in it was incredible as I awaited this match to begin, so the atmosphere in the arena that night in Houston must have been incredible. I envy each and every person that got to witness this epic and historic WrestleMania match live. I also loved how The Undertaker just stood at the top of the ramp for a few moments, seemingly staring down Shawn before he even gets into the ring. Doesn’t really mean anything, it was just great for me personally lol. The bell rings, and this epic encounter is under way! The Undertaker doesn’t rush into anything, and neither does Shawn. When they do collide, its Shawn using his quickness to dodge The Undertaker’s strikes, and is able to land some chops. ‘Taker manoeuvres Shawn into the corner, and I saw something this time around that I didn’t see before. Just as The Undertaker looks to get hold of Shawn, HBK looks like he fakes a Sweet Chin Music attempt, and The Undertaker hesitates for just a moment, allowing Shawn to get out of the corner! It appears that the last few weeks with Shawn landing those superkicks have had an effect on the Dead Man! The Undertaker looks to trap Shawn in another corner, but this time Shawn taunts the Phenom with a DX crotch chop, causing ‘Taker to make a mistake and charge right into the corner, again allowing Shawn to escape by simply jumping over him. Shawn has avoided all of the attacks from ‘Taker, but he finally gets some of those big strikes in, and Shawn quickly fakes a knee injury to try and get away, but ‘Taker is having none of it! Another mistake by ‘Taker, as he charges into another corner, and ends up going knee first into a turnbuckle. Shawn wisely goes for the knee, and locks in a figure four! The Undertaker has a long reach though, and is able to fight his way out of it! Using his size and power, The Undertaker is able to control Shawn for a little while. Chokeslam coming up it seems… but NO! Shawn counters into a Crossface! The Undertaker uses his power once again to try and get out, and is able to at least stay off his stomach for a little while. The crowd haven’t stopped making noise since the match started, and I haven’t stopped smiling. It’s hard to believe, but I am actually enjoying his match MORE on this watch! HBK starts hitting some of his signature sequence of moves, which usually always leads up to Sweet Chin Music. Before he can hit the elbow drop though, The Undertaker sits up! Shawn jumps off the ropes anyway, and is caught by the throat! Chokeslam attempt is again countered, and Shawn goes for the superkick again! The Undertaker again hesitates when he sees that kick coming, and falls to the ground. Figure four attempted again, but ‘Taker locks in Hell’s Gate! This could be it, The Undertaker could finally beat Shawn, and make it to 17-0! Mr WrestleMania gets to the ropes, and the hold is broken. This match will continue :D. Shawn gains control once again, and sends The Undertaker to the outside. HBK climbs the ropes, and flies through the air with a moonsault! Unfortunately for him though, The Undertaker moves out of the way, and even manages to give Shawn an extra push to the floor! That looked sick! It’s one thing for guys to miss moonsaults in the ring, but from the top rope to the outside, it’s just insane. Speaking of sick and insane… The Undertaker gets back into the ring, sees Shawn is slowly getting up… and comes flying over the ropes with his famous dive! Shawn knows The Undertaker all too well though, and just like ‘Taker did with his moonsault, Shawn moves! Not only that, but a little throwback to their HIAC match here as Shawn puts a camera man right in the action! What’s so sick and insane about all of this you say? How about the fact that The Undertaker lands HEAD FIRST on the outside?! You can literally see an indentation on the floor mat where ‘Taker’s head hit. Watching this live, I thought that The Undertaker was seriously hurt. Eventually, the referee gets back into the ring, and starts a very slow 10 count. I swear to god, I legitimately thought that The Undertaker would be unable to make it back into the ring, but at the last second, the Dead Man breaks the count! Holy fuck was I in suspense there lol. Shawn isn’t happy that The Undertaker made it back into the ring, and sets up for the superkick, but ‘Taker catches him and hits an amazing looking Chokeslam! Tombstone attempt, is reversed into a Sweet Chin Music attempt, is countered into another Chokeslam attempt, it countered into Sweet Chin Music! The Undertaker is down, but so is Shawn! HBK finally makes the cover, but ‘Taker kicks out and keeps his streak alive! The Heart Break Kid gets back up, and before he can do anything, is grabbed by the throat again! The Undertaker decides to go for a Last Ride this time though, which Michaels tries to counter, but still gets thrown up into the air, and lands with a crash! 1..2..kick out! How the hell is Shawn doing this? I expected the likes of Kane and Batista to kick out of these high impact moves, but Shawn? Incredible. They are really putting Shawn’s resilience over here, and also driving across the point that perhaps the light is greater than the darkness. What the hell is this? The Undertaker going to the top rope? An elbow drop? No, not just an elbow drop, this is a Shawn Michaels like elbow drop! Mark out moment! Shawn avoids it though, and the match is still going on! Both men are back up, and Shawn is almost sent over the ropes, but he skins the cat, and The Undertaker catches him and hits the Tombstone! This is it, the streak is still alive! 1. 2. KICK OUT! HOLY FUCK! Only one man to my knowledge has ever kicked out of the Tombstone, without there being a period of time between the cover/count, and that is Kane. Now, Shawn Michaels can be added to that elite list! The Undertaker’s face when Shawn kicked out is a sight to see as well. Man oh man, this match needs to end soon before I have a heart attack lol. Shawn is finally able to hit the big elbow, and he begins to tune up the band. Will this be the last song for The Undertaker and his WrestleMania streak? SWEET CHIN MUSIC HITS! Shawn covers straight away, but it is STILL not enough to keep down the legendary Phenom!!! How often is it that we hear a WWE crowd chant “This is Awesome”? That alone should tell you just how incredible this match has been so far! Both men are up, and the back and forth battle begins. Shawn lands a shot, Undertaker lands a shot, back and forth, back and forth… boot to the face! The Undertaker got the better of Shawn in that exchange. Another Tombstone attempt is avoided by Shawn! How much more of this can either man take, or even give? Shawn catches a boot to The Undertaker’s face now, and climbs to the ropes one more time. Moonsault! This time it is on target, but good god almighty, The Undertaker catches him, and lands another Tombstone! The cover, the 3 count! This match is over! The Undertaker is 17-0 at WrestleMania, and has FINALLY beat Shawn Michaels! This match can only be described with one word: EPIC. Both men put on performances of their careers right here. I had a lot of expectations going into this match, and they were able to completely shatter them. We might as well skip ahead to 2010, because NO MATCH is going to beat this one for me personally (unless they have a re-match and do even better 😛 ). It’s also without a shadow of a doubt, The Undertaker’s greatest WrestleMania match up to this point!!! :D. *****.

Match 7 – Edge Vs John Cena Vs The Big Show – Vickie is married to Edge. She and Show are kinda having an affair. Cena is a prick. And that is the build up to the WHC WM match! LMAO, Chavo Guerrero Jr is demoted from an 8 second title match loss the previous year… to pushing his Aunty to the ring in a wheel chair. Pretty much the only spot he deserves in wrestling. Army of Cena’s come out. I think with that kind of back up, he’s gonna win lol. Match is a ton of fun, from Big Show dominating early, Edge sitting back and letting Cena take out Big Show, Show getting tied up in the ropes and having to watch Cena nearly win the title, Show getting put through the barricade, the look on Cena and Edge’s faces when they realise they could actually work together to eliminate Show from this match, Edge catching Cena off the ropes with a Spear, Cena lifting both Edge and Show up for the F-U for about a split second… but then Cena wins and that kinda sucks lol. Really good match, put together nicely and lots of fun moments throughout. ***1/2.

Match 8 – Triple H Vs Randy Orton – This match was build around some real serious fucking HATE~!… so what do they do? Put a bunch of dumb rules in place to prevent it from being the match it SHOULD have been. One of the dumbest fucking decisions WWE made. Orton took out HHH’s family (The McMahon’s) including his WIFE… and yet if HHH gets DQ’d or counted out he loses the title. Because uhhh… Vickie Guerrero said so. Why the fuck didn’t Vince step in and make this No DQ and no countouts instead? He returned the Raw before WM ffs. RKO in the first minute. And Orton… doesn’t even attempt a  pin. Instead he goes for a PUNT and gets Pedigreed. Now both men are hurt and already I don’t give a fuck about this match lol. LMAO, HHH gets back into the match by splashing some water on his face. ALL BETTER NOW! Triple H targets the neck of Orton, following up on his promise to break his neck (awesome promo btw). OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING DULL. HHH retains after the ref gets taken out and he can use the sledgehammer for a little revenge. DULL AND SHITTY. *.

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