Live WrestleMania Notes!

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by Big Cal

Wrote these down as I watched the show live! 🙂



Shield Vs Sheamus/Orton/Show – Well fuck me, WHC match NOT opening WM? That’s a surprise in itself, but this is the opener? Guessing Ziggler is cashing in then? Ambrose. Is. Awesome. Need I say more? Liked Shield controlling Show for a while. He’s obviously the biggest threat so you’d expect them to avoid him, but getting him down was their first opening and they rolled with it because they CAN. Because they are a great team. Show spearing everyone was awesome. SHIELD WIN! Yes! ***1/2

Are the really still trying to sell us on Rock/Cena II? During the show? They’ve had like 3 sodding years to do it. Fuck off already.

Henry Vs Ryback. Open air arenas suck. Crowds sound terrible on TV. Tweets during WM? Fuck off. Match is ok when Henry isn’t doing a bear hug. OH SHIT! HENRY WON! There goes my accumulator :(.

JBL and King are playing with toys…

Tag Titles Match – Ziggy cashing in later then? Callback tease was amazing. Big E didn’t suck. That alone is impressive. Match was fairly short and a ton of fun, exactly what I was hoping for. Tag champs retains… so Ziggler is cashing in, right?

Jericho Vs Fandango – MULTIPLE DANCERS TO HOPEFULLY HIDE THE FACT FANDANGO CAN’T DANCE! Couple of awkward spots, but other than that a solid match that was structured exactly how it should have been, then Jericho puts over a young star for the finish. I enjoyed it.

So WM is just one long advert with pesky matches in between now?

More Rock/Cena build? SERIOUSLY?


WM 29: Adverts, shitty musical performances, and the occasional wrestling match.

WHC Match – Ziggler cashing in? No :(. Decent match. Submission counters were nice.

PUNK VS UNDERTAKER :mark:. Finally, a good music performance! Damn them teasing THE DIVE. Punk kicked out of the Tombstone? Did not see that coming! Shades of WM 17, only replace sledgehammer with urn lol. Testament to Punk’s popularity, managing to split the crowd in an Undertaker match at WM! Great stuff. ****

PORK sign! I marked.

ANOTHER fucking Rock/Cena video?Match has had more build tonight than the last year.

HHH Vs Lesnar – BROCK IN A BEANIE! :lmao at Lesnar’s roar + pose. Some sick suplexes on the table + broken table. HBK running like a bitch from Lesnar LOL. Damn this is slow, and not in a good way. Lesnar fumbling about with the steps isn’t helping. HBK superkicking Heyman is the highlight. Liked HHH using the Kimura, and Lesnar’s repeated escape attempts only for HHH to lock it in again. Lesnar lost, but at least it took a hell of a lot to do it. Long time in Kimura, DDT on steel steps, sledgehammer to head and then Pedigree on the steps. Not that good though. SS was worlds ahead of it in every way.

No 8 person tag? Oh well.

Rock Vs Cena – No grand entrances? Yey… though that does leave a lot of time left for the match. Urgh. Match is TERRIBLE. Boring, dull, slow shit with more rest holds, followed by about 15 minutes of them literally doing nothing but hitting finishers. Fuck off.

Overall, while only 2 matches stand out to me (shield tag and undertaker/punk), I enjoyed the hell out of the show bar the final 2 matches.

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