The End?

Posted on: May 28th, 2014 by Big Cal

Well, I managed to avoid this the first time around when they were closing accounts down left, right and centre, but now even I am getting pushed out. It sucks, no doubt about it, but I guess I had a good run. I made it to Episode 100 of WWR, something I honestly never expected to do. I’ve had fun writing, filming and editing so many videos over the years, and while I never even got 1 payout from Blip (and never will now lol), it was definitely worth my time as it gave me something to do during unemployment etc.


So what now? Do I quit? Well… I really don’t want to. YouTube is NOT an option for me because WWE and other wrestling companies will take my videos offline faster than I can upload them (I originally tried to post them on YT when I first started… they didn’t last long). DailyMotion is probably the best option for me now, as I already started to post my earlier episodes on there anyway and they do have an advertisement/money making scheme in place which would be nice to have even though I don’t expect to make much at all haha.


Also, you may have noticed I haven’t posted a video in some time. I’ve been dealing with personal issues, and while I’m getting better, I’m not quite ready to jump back into things. So until then I will still be posting my weekly Rambles every Sunday, as well as (hopefully) putting up some other written content every so often. And when I get back to making videos, I’ll just have to look for the best Blip alternative!

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